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Thursday, 23 July 2009

10,000 Christians March On Parliament

No, not really but people are tut-tutting a bit.

Up in Glasgow some bright spark thought that it would be a good idea to use £7k taxpayers' money to fund an interactive art exhibition which uses the Bible as a central theme.

The exhibition is the brainchild of Canadian 'artist' Anthony Schrag in association with organisations representing gay Christians and Muslims. It's no surprise to find out that Schrag is an atheist.

“Any offensive things that have been written are not the point of the work. It was an open gesture. Are those who say they are upset offended by the things that people write, or just by the very notion that someone should write on a Bible?”

So, it's not the people who wrote the insults and obscenities whose motives are questioned but those who are upset by it.

A second element in the exhibition is a video showing a woman ripping pages out of the Bible and stuffing them in her pants, bra, and mouth. The video showed “the word as power”, Mr Schrag said.

The exhibition was organised to focus on Human Rights. So, that's alright then.
Full story: The Times


  1. Looks like graffiti to me.

  2. In another day & age it would be called blasphemy. I'd just like one law for all - if this art exhibition had centred on the Koran it would never have got off the ground.


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