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Saturday, 18 July 2009

Accidental 'Censorship' At The Times?

The Times has been having problems lately with the changeover of their online comments facility which resulted in all comments opposed to the mass vaccination programme against 'Swine flu' being deleted. Full story and The Times' denial here. Here are two of the missing comments:
“Anybody who reads this obviously still has the ability to reason and be guided by their own survival instinct and thus should listen to it. The mass fear mongering is a worldwide, co-ordinated and open conspiracy with massive geo political underpinnings. Don’t be fooled, eat properly and exercise.”

“A vaccine that is – effectively – being tested on the population, the prime reasons for such being the economy and easing pressure on the NHS? I’ll be another one who passes.”
And this is from a commenter at the end of the article who says that not only the comments have changed:
"IT’S MORE THAN THE COMMENTS… they’ve re-edited/censored the whole article!

The most notable edit is the removal of the quote from doctor Holden where he stated doctors would be inoculating people in a “MILITARY STYLE OPERATION.”

They removed this reference to a “MILITARY STYLE OPERATION” from the Monday Times (13th July) edition BUT the Sunday Times (12th July) edition currently has the reference to the “military-style” vaccination program. The following paragraph is from the Sunday Times http://www.timesonline.co.uk/t.....690010.ece …….

“Holden said it would be the biggest campaign in response to an outbreak since mass vaccination against smallpox in 1962. He said surgeries would be aiming to inoculate about 30 people an hour in a “military-style operation”.”


Get your screen grabs while you can because they will probably edit the Sunday Times article soon now that you are aware of it.

This is one example of how they’ve edited the article; there are many other edits, they’ve toned down the whole nature of the report to make it seem less sinister."
No-one trusts this government any more.


  1. woman on a raftJuly 18, 2009

    It's giving 404 now - they are spooked.

  2. woman on a raftJuly 18, 2009

    Mind you, it's also true that the quote is from Dr Peter Holden, who is one of those people who tend to collect military magazines and own more camouflage suits that is strictly necessary or fashionable.

    In his own words:
    "Following the 'winter of discontent' in 1978/9 I wanted to be self-employed, not working in a hospital, live in a rural community, and yet have a real daily professional challenge. Rural general practice with an active community hospital, with an A&E unit, seemed the best compromise and allowed for special interests. Today, making the same choices, I might well choose a career in the armed forces specialising in emergency medicine after doing GP training.

    *What would you have done if you hadn't been a doctor?
    A career in the RAF was a definite possibility. I got through the officer and aircrew selection centre procedures as a teenager. The other alternative was the law."

    He gets a bit rubbed-up at the thought of a really good disaster, probably has the boxed-set edition of 'Survivors' and shouts at the telly a lot about plot inaccuracies. I don't hold that against him - I shout at the telly a lot myself.

    His full CV

    Full interview:

    The Times may have back-tracked because Holden doesn't speak with authority for the BMA (the doctors' trade union, not the GMC which is the regulatory body) let alone the Department of Health. He may have gone off on a frolick of his own and the DoH perhaps complained to the editor about it.

    On the other hand, he might have simply been expressing what the DoH really thinks - but in his case, there is at least some grounds for thinking he was carried away by the potential drama of it all.

  3. Thanks for that WoaR - I'd never come across Holden before so it's useful info. Perhaps he is a bit of a nutcase but that doesn't stop others getting their views into print (eg Bea Campbell yesterday):) But even if we disregard the conspiracy theorist commenter in the article, I still find it intriguing that a wide variety of UK public opinion distrusts the govt's programme of mass vaccination.

  4. Copied. Thanks for the alert, GV.

    I've blogged on this subject today, too. There's a lot that's very bogus about swine flu. I'm extremely sceptical.

    For a start, the virus has all the hallmarks of a manufactured virus (watch the video).

    It stinks.

  5. Yes, I left a comment for you Fausty - I agree with you that it doesn't smell right.


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