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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

BBC Rip-off

It's a simple question: Why should licence-fee payers fund the deficit in BBC pensions? The licence fee is paid so we can receive good quality programmes - and that doesn't mean churning out endless repeats of cheap, dull rubbish.

Mark Byford, the deputy director general, and Alan Yentob, the arts presenter and creative director, have the two biggest pensions in the public sector. Byford is due to receive at least £229,500 a year from a pension pot of £8 million and Yentob £216,667 from a £6.3 million pot.

"In a statement, the BBC said: “The BBC pension scheme, like many other schemes, has not been immune from the turbulence that has affected markets around the world..."

Market turbulence isn't the only factor in plummeting pensions schemes; I seem to remember a certain Gordon Brown dipping his grubby, sticky little fingers into the honeypot in the late-90s. Britain had better-funded pension schemes than Europe pre-1997 but, no doubt in the name of 'harmonisation', we're now as deep in the sh*t as they are.

Full article here:£2bn pension black hole

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