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Monday, 27 July 2009

Calling Scotland

Scotland, it's your turn now. The reasons they give you are the same they once gave to England.
The changes [to the immigration points system] raise the prospect of thousands more immigrants, who would ordinarily be deported, being allowed to stay in the UK if they move north of the Border.

Scotland has been singled out by a Home Office consultation being published this week because its population is projected to fall over the long term.

Jim Murphy, the Scottish Secretary, backed the changes, arguing that an ageing population means more foreign workers are needed for the economy to flourish.
England stands before you as an example; be very careful my Scottish friends.

Immigration rules to be skewed 'in favour of' Scotland


  1. Thanks GV. As you know from reading my blog, there are plenty in Scotland who want to welcome everyone regardless of skills and ability to offer something of substance. It worries me greatly and this worries me even more.

    As you say England is the example. Perhaps many up here don't visit England and therefore have the idea that every immigrant, whether legal or illegal, will contribute to building a better country. Such unrealistic thinking. Discussion is impossible because any other opinion is shot down using the racist accusation.

    I doubt if many Scottish bloggers will be brave enough to do a post on this.

  2. That's a shame SR because that's how debate was closed down in England - the language was re-defined and people feared being called 'racist' just for wanting to discuss the issues surrounding immigration. England now has a long, hard hill to climb and I wouldn't like to see Scotland, a country for which I have the fondest memories, follow suit.

    I suppose one way of looking at it, reading the text again, is that Scotland taking those "who would ordinarily be deported" means England is deporting illegals and/or foreign national criminals to Scotland! That would be a good angle to get some Scottish bloggers involved - I can see the headline now: England Screws Scotland, Again!

    I wish you'd give it a go - good luck.

  3. Don't worry folks-it will NOT happen!

    Such diktats emanating from the thoroughly discredited Liebour party will not, as has so often happened with so many other utterances from these morons, happen, as they are nothing but hot air!

    They will be out on their ear shortly, and these "policy statements" are ONLY for the consumption of the mentally challenged among us, of which their would appear to be many-circa 25% of the population if polls are anything to go by!

  4. Subrosa's right enough. This subject is taboo and most posters won't touch it - but I will. With your consent I'll repost your article with added comments - and a link to the original of course:0)


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