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Saturday, 25 July 2009

Felipe Massa Qualifier - Onboard Video

You can see he makes no attempt to control the car as it goes into the corner. The video then shows what's thought to be a piece of Barrichello's suspension which appears to hit Massa on the head - so it looks like he was dazed or even knocked out before he entered the corner:

The latest news is that he's still in intensive care following surgery but is responding well.
UPDATE: Within minutes of posting this, the hospital issued another statement saying that Massa is now in a 'life-threatening condition'. Let's all hope he pulls through this. Fingers crossed.


  1. AnonymousJuly 26, 2009

    Thankfully the signs are encouraging he'll live. I was really concerned for a while. Kudos to you for reporting it on your blog, it's a departure from your usual content but it is important and needed saying.

    /I still have my fingers crossed though, not completely out the woods yet.

  2. This morning is looking better - the latest is "serious but stable" which is more positive than last night, thank goodness.

    I usually post on the Grand Prix but with a twist - eg for Monaco weekend I posted the 1st ever race there. If you click the Grand Prix label you'll pull up all the relevant posts and later there's a Schumacher onboard video at qualifying in Hungary 2002.


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