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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Going Over Old Ground

Apologies for this but some things are worth repeating:
While Brown's flitting between tv studios putting the same words in a different order, or phoning Simon Cowell to ask about Susan Boyle, the country is still in the midst of economic and constitutional problems and the Spanish, with the help of the EU, have annexed the waters around Gibraltar on spurious environmental grounds. He has, however, found the time to turn down General Sir Richard Dannatt's request for 2,500 extra troops for Afghanistan on the grounds of cost. (Link here)

It absolutely beggars belief that this self-serving shower of sh*ts in government would have the gall to run down our defences like this. Bloody international socialist w*nkers the lot of them. They run down the RN and the Army in just the same way - cutback after cutback and denial of resources to fund proper equipment, forgetting that they have a duty of care to all those who serve Crown and Country. They're a pox on all of us. (Link here)

Ye Gods and little fishes! Eight fighter jets and nine RN ships to defend these islands; it's just as well we've got the Army here... oops! How the hell can anything possibly be cut from the Defence Budget? (Link here)
The Times says it's 'just learned' of the govt's decision to send 700 troops to Afghanistan on a temporary basis until the elections have been held in August.

In the same article: Under fierce questioning, he [Brown] twice insisted that he had been reassured in recent days by military chiefs and commanders on the ground that they had enough manpower for the current operations. 'Fierce questioning'?? Cameron may have asked clear questions but they weren't 'fierce' and Brown employed his usual technique of side-stepping the issues with a ragbag of tractor-stat rhetoric.

In a separate article the paper also raises questions about Ainsworth's appointment to the post of Secretary of State for Defence: The PM came within an hour of appointing Jim Knight, then the Schools Minister, before handing the job to Mr Ainsworth to appease a faction of the Labour Party.

“Bob is liked by the military,” a friend said. “They like his toughness. They like his occasional laddishness.” Really? The following comment and graphic have been posted on ARRSE under the heading - Ainsworth: Cometh the hour, cometh the jobsworth:

"This has more intellectual capability and integrity than ainsworthless"

More from The Times, The Telegraph and The Spectator
From The Daily Mail:
General Sir David Richards, who has served on the front line in Afghanistan, will demand 2,000 extra personnel to fight in Helmand province when he takes over next month. But he also wants to add 3,000 fighting soldiers to bring the Army up to full strength.
UPDATE: Just heard that Prince Edward will attend the ceremony at RAF Lyneham


  1. This shower of sh*ts is running down the army in preparation for the EU army taking over. I'll bet the w*nkers are obediently following their masters.

  2. The Labour Party are historically against the Armed Forces as a matter of 'principle'. They've almost all been linked at some point to Communist groupings, are ex/current Fabians, ex CND, STW coalition supporters and to promote ex-IMG Ainsworth to SoS Defence shows how much they care.


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