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Monday, 6 July 2009

Gordon's Saving The World - Again

In his continuing crusade to avert global financial meltdown Brown is meeting with G8 leaders this week and trying to persuade them to his way of thinking:

“The worst of the recession may be yet to come and world leaders are in danger of hampering the recovery...If we do not take the necessary action now to strengthen the world economy and put in place the conditions for sustainable world growth, we will be confronted with avoidable unemployment for years to come...”

Anyone who's been keeping an eye on Brown's figures and pronouncements will know that nothing this man says adds up; in fact, a cynic might say he's just casting round for a fall guy when it all goes belly-up.

In the same article, Marrakesh Mandy says: “We in Europe have to be mindful of the need not to become complacent and not to relax. If we continue to get our reaction to the crisis right we can make Europe stronger.” Expletive deleted.

Full article here


  1. Bugger Europe, Mandy, what about dear Old Blighty?

  2. Hear, hear OR - Mandy has 'trough of Europe' stamped all the way through him.


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