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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

ID Card Penalties

Late yesterday evening secondary legislation was passed by the govt which imposes fines of between £125 and £1,000 on ID card holders who fail to 'notify the authorities of a change of name or address, or to surrender an identity card, or to report a card lost, stolen, damaged, tampered with or destroyed'.

Pinocchio Johnson (Home Sec) said there had been no U-turn over ID cards & the programme was still on course despite claims that he had ruled out making them compulsory. "We haven't scrapped ID cards, what we are doing is accelerating their introduction," he said. It was only last week when he cancelled a compulsory trial due to start in September for 30,000 pilots and airport workers. Two words spring to mind: ar*se and elbow.

Chris Grayling (Shad.Home Sec) reaffirmed the Conservatives' commitment to abolishing ID Cards and, more importantly, the NIR database. "One of the first acts of a Conservative government will be cancelling the ID cards scheme. The scheme and the register are both an affront to British liberty and will have no place in a Conservative Britain. They are also a huge waste of money."

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To see other posts which try to pull the strands together in order to get a better picture of how ID cards and the NIR progressed, of the back-tracking and dissembling by Home Office ministers, just sit down with a cup of tea and click on the surveillance state tag


  1. AnonymousJuly 07, 2009

    firstly, we are a forces family. sons active. not left/right, no bias. ID cards are normal in a country i lived for 10 years. used when buying a car, cashing cheques, proof of age for alcohol, allowing workmen into your home, when registering doctor, insuring car etc. were easily updated by a visit to local polce station. thumb print and photo. obviously..without one you were not able to intigrate illegally into local society. THINK!

  2. And yet you're too craven to put your name to your opinion, "Anonymous".

    ID cards are antithetical to the British way of life: all who advocate them are traitors. I trust your sons will do their duty by Queen and Country, and round you up for internment.

  3. I have THOUGHT! If you want a govt that knows every move you make whether on foot, by train, tube, car or plane; one that holds your medical records, dna, & financial info; that keeps detailed information of your family life on a database to be accessed by whichever govt dept & local authority wants it, then go ahead and vote Labour. I think it's about control of the many by the few, so I won't.

  4. Good point AJ - the NIR *is* the very antithesis of the British way of life though I think internment for Anon might be stretching things - innocent unless proven guilty is another cherished British principle

  5. In a way, this £1,000 fine is good news. It might put people off volunteering for one. :)

  6. True - the best way to avoid a fine is not to get a card in the first place. The secondary legislation bit is also worrying - it harks back to previous post about sneaky amendments and additions to laws.


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