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Monday, 27 July 2009

MoD: Adding Misery To Misery

The government fails our troops even in death: MoD loses the Wills of soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

This utter incompetence highlights the lack of duty of care towards the Armed Forces. An executive agency of the MoD (Service Personnel & Veterans' Agency's Document Handling Centre in Glasgow) is responsible for the safekeeping of the documentation but it appears to be as nonchalantly negligent as the rest of the MoD.
John Hemming MP said: 'There has to be a wide-ranging investigation into the whole system of how wills and other documents of the fallen are handled by the MoD. The Government has no excuse.

'Relatives and fiancees who believe wills are missing have now been stopped by the MoD from telephoning the Glasgow handling centre directly to make inquiries. This smacks of an attempt to protect the MoD rather than the loved ones of the men.'

That's the MoD for you - always looking to protect their own backs first; it must be something they've picked up from Gordon Brown.


  1. Labour plus Whitehall= Excrement.

  2. Hi OR. They just don't seem to care about anything - it's all about hiding their mistakes and saving face. Look at what they're doing on the constitutional front as well - I don't think the country can last until the GE.

  3. http://twitter.com/veterans_uk Negative PR for the MoD


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