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Sunday, 26 July 2009

The Return Of The Window Tax?

In 1696, under William III, the Act of Making Good Due to the Deficiency of Clipped Money was passed in order to raise revenue (and we thought only Labour made cr@p laws!). It was a flat-rate house tax plus a tax on the number of windows and you can still see the evidence of bricked-up windows in many older properties as people avoided payment.

Fast forward to 2009 and welcome to Labour's Daylight Robbery Tax:
Click to enlarge.
Documents obtained from the Valuation Office Agency under the Freedom of Information Act show millions of homes have already been secretly assessed by Labour in preparation for council tax hikes after the Election.

The VOA is still compiling the database but if you have a terrace or patio, a window with a view, a conservatory or a balcony you're in their sights just as much as those who overlook a beach, a golf course or rolling acres of farmland.

Shadow Local Government Secretary Caroline Spelman said:
'Gordon Brown's council tax inspectors have been caught red-handed preparing the way for massive tax rises on middle England after the Election, to fill the black hole in Britain's ruined public finances. There is now cast-iron proof of a council tax revaluation by stealth.

'Only Labour would think of taxing people for looking out of their own windows. Conservatives will scrap these tax-raising plans and abolish tax inspectors' rights of entry into your home.'
The full article is here.


  1. Yes I've been watching their unmarked agents wandereing around staring up at nothing with clip boards for yonks.

    Don't forget this info goes upwards to supra national entities. It's not UK govt. that will be deciding how much we pay.

    Heads up.

  2. They're probably delighted by Google Street View. Why this government continues to waste money on schemes which will be scrapped, only deluded Labourites can probably 'justify'.

    They must've been gutted when property prices began to fall - not least due to their own forays into property empireship with taxpayers' money. Poor dears.

  3. Some of the criteria are purely subjective - eg who's going to decide what an 'upmarket' pre/post-war house or bungalow looks like? Google seems to grow like an octopus - they're using bikes now to access places they couldn't previously reach with a car. Maybe next it will be UAVs!

    Incoming!!!!! (how many?) - I haven't seen your blog before - like it so have linked.

  4. Does that mean I am entitled to a refund for havinga TD Tyre Dump beyond my back garden, a CY Council Yard over the road and a CH Crack House next door ?

  5. Welcome Banned. If only you were right, they even check the size of your garden and if they decide it's larger than average for the area they tax you on that as well - regardless of the size of the tyre dump :)


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