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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Spiteful Brown & The MoD

I missed this yesterday but the paper isn't one of my regular reads: The Daily Express

Defence chiefs are considering scrapping a Gurkha battalion (about 800 men), claiming they have become 'too expensive'.

The military is under pressure to trim its £34 billion budget despite being locked into a war in Afghanistan that may last at least a decade. Up to three infantry battalions could go despite calls for more men. One defence source said:
“If it comes to cutting infantry battalions, the Gurkhas are now No 1 on the list. They were only saved from the axe in the last defence cuts because they were seen as being fantastic value. Although they are very good soldiers, they are now no less expensive than any other unit.”
Peter Carroll, of the Gurkha Justice Campaign, said:
“They would be mad to do this. There’d be a huge outcry. The Army is disastrously over­stretched and Gurkhas are better at staying the course. Very few drop out. Our campaign has not made them more expensive.”
It looks as though the Gurkhas are victims of their own successful campaign for full pension and living rights. Absobloodylutely lunatic thinking on the part of the MoD and I can't help thinking that a measure of spite will influence the decision. Ms Lumley will have to kick butt again:


  1. I can't imagine for one moment the prospect of ever taking a broken pay packet home to Ms Lumley.

    I like my bollocks just where they are.. Thank you very much!

  2. She certainly rearranged Woolas!


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