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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

UK Overseas Aid

I can't think of a single good reason why Cameron's Conservatives have ring-fenced spending on overseas aid and the priorities really need to be looked at again.

Boy Miliband has just announced another aid package to Pakistan, a country with nuclear capability and that doesn't come cheap. Those countries who put nuclear weapons before the welfare of their people shouldn't be given money as encouragement to 'do the right thing'; they should have sanctions imposed on them for non-compliance. Apparently the aid is to be spent on education.

We also give overseas aid to China and India, two very wealthy, nuclear-capable countries with aspirations towards space programmes.

Here's an old (Jan 09) article in the Mail which also lists other countries we subsidise including Uganda (we covered the cost of a new Gulfstream jet for the President while his people starve).

Britain actually gives twice on overseas aid: to countries individually and to the EU's pot to be distributed as it sees fit. It's time the aid budget was re-assessed, not ring-fenced.


  1. I really suspect this statement has a very good reason for being made. Might even be to keep Millipede at bay!

  2. Not sure how OR but wouldn't it be nice to read a newspaper or hear a tv news report and not have to wonder what the heck is behind it all? That's what 12yrs of Labour have done to us - we'll never believe anything they say again.

  3. This overseas aid business bothers me. There seems little supervision or responsibility for the amount of money flowing out of this island.

  4. Hi SR, no, it seems to be more about perception and saying 'we're doing our bit' regardless of consequences. Throwing money at corrupt states without ensuring it goes to the people most in need (as in Uganda) is nothing short of criminal neglect. Even UN food aid is filched before it gets to the starving and is sold in the market place - it's a problem in many areas.


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