"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Friday, 17 July 2009

Where To Start?

Late to bed and late to rise makes a blogger dull-witted not wise. In fact I was thinking about declaring myself a Jedi and taking the day off to celebrate R2D2's birthday (it's my yuman right innit?)

However, we have the all-too-believable story in the press this morning about the plan to smear Gen Sir Richard Dannatt once he leaves post in August. Here's the article. His 'shopping list' is unlikely to endear him further to Brown and the MoD. One minister said: “Once he’s gone, we can have a go at him. He can write his book and talk all he wants, but he’ll be fair game then.”

The reason this is so readily believable is because smearing is the proven tactic of the Labour Party: smear, lies, deflection and spin is all they know and that's why they're such a bunch of no-hopers and losers. The only way they could win an election is by increasing the postal vote in some northern cities; lowering the voting age to 16; allowing online voting or text voting (perhaps they can bring Ant & Dec or Richard & Judy in as consultants and ennoble them for their work?)

While the government attempts to deflect criticism of its lacklustre Defence funding & policies another British soldier has died this morning. As yet unnamed but from 2nd Btn The Rifles, he was on foot patrol near Gereshk.

Parliament prorogues next Tuesday, 21st and won't sit again until October 12th - that's about ten/eleven weeks - which means that MPs this year will have only sat for 128 days. Thanks to the govt's way of doing business, many debates have been guillotined and rushed; some nodded through without adequate scrutiny. The Parliamentary Standards Bill currently being rushed through before next Tuesday on Brown's orders is a good example. Already the govt has had to back-track and water down some aspects of the Bill, the consequence will be ill-thought out legislation and a piecemeal attack on the Constitution (whether written or not, it's still our Constitution). And, of course, those MPs who have already announced their resignations and those expecting be be kicked out at the GE can hardly be expected to give the Bill their full attention. Perhaps they're the ones being reported as 'surly' and 'resentful'?

Oh, well, that's enough for the moment from a bear of very little brain - though more accurately, I feel like this:

By the way, there's a radio discussion at the moment considering the difference between the mourning at Lt Col Thorneloe's funeral yesterday and the grief displayed at Wootton Bassett. What no-one has yet mentioned is that (a) these two events were not comparable: one was military and one was public, and (b) the 'keening and wailing' I saw came from youngsters still in school uniform who obviously had close ties to at least one of the 18yr-olds killed. I don't think it's a good move to criticise how grief shows itself.


  1. "One minister said: “Once he’s gone, we can have a go at him. He can write his book and talk all he wants, but he’ll be fair game then."

    That minister might like to reflect on just who he is talking about. The reality is, that the pen isn't mightier than the sword, especially when the sword is being wielded by a warrior and the pen is a half chewed biro limply held by a minister of the gov of no talents.

  2. GV, I detect from your quite excellent post a weariness. Late night blogging, especially when accompanied by a forbidden enjoyment of a tipple, is not easy to keep up. I think many of us are suffering from battle fatigue. The terrible losses in a war of stupidity, A Government led by paedophiles that lurches from one crisis to another, all the while spinning and lying to hold on to power. We must not give in. We must use this recess to double our efforts. Whilst they are sunning themselves in the flesh pots of Brazil or Marrakesh, we must wage a summer of blogging howitzers. Big issues like our busted economy and the dreadful exposure of our troops. Re-visit the lies, expenses and horrors of these past, almost 13 years. We need a Red Tory revolution!

  3. LN - not sure I can see Dannatt wielding a sword but he's definitely not lacking in the guts, determination & brains dept, while this Minister (I'd like to know who) obviously has a limp biscuit for a brain.

    OR - for once your radar is slightly wonky though 'tis true that the never-ending stream of crap we hear from the govt is, well, never-ending. I have no intention of giving up - it's the only safe way to reduce my blood pressure! Unfortunately, the cat is still missing - 2 weeks now and counting - and prowling the local area in the dark is not really recommended. Sleep is light - like parents are always alert for a baby in the night, so am I for this selfish ragamuffin of a rescued stray.

    I was thinking of checking out the local authority over the recess - Barnet - (expenses, jollies and so on) although the MP, Labour's Rudi Vis, has announced he's standing down there's bound to be profligacy in the Council Chamber.


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