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Friday, 10 July 2009

MorOn ID Cards

With thanks to OH:
The Identity and Passport Office has appointed another advertising agency to persuade the public of the apparent benefits of ID cards.

The IPS has chosen 'Proximity' after also hearing pitches from EHS Brann, Tequila and TMW. The firm will deal with "below the line" marketing - typically PR and promotions rather than billboard or media advertising.

The three or four year contract covers ID cards, passport and promotion of the General Register Office - where births, deaths and marriages are recorded.

The IPS already employs M&C Saatchi to promote the introduction of ID cards for foreigners to employers.

Back in March the IPS announced a "three to four year" contract with ad agency Abbot Mead Vickers BBDO to promote its services.

The IPS is already buying Google search terms to get its own website at the top of results for surfers looking for ID card information.

Apart from spin doctors the IPS has also awarded other contracts for the £4.7bn project.

These include CSC, which has grabbed the £385m contract for the enrolment system, while moneymaker De La Rue gets £400m to print new passports.

IBM will make the biometric database in exchange for £265m.
They tax us to high heaven and then use the money to pay outside agencies to lie to us. God, I loathe this government. Click the link if you want to use an alternative search engine which doesn't record your IP address or collude with the Home Office: Ixquick.

If politicians can opt out & stop listening, so can we:


  1. Good article.

    Ixquick's a darned fine search engine. Been using it for some time.

  2. It's the fact that the b*ggers take our money by way of taxes and then spend it on pr sh*t against us that gets me.


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