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Saturday, 8 August 2009

Abusing The Children

Isn't this something the Muslim Council of Britain should be concerned about or do they only look for easy compensation from a craven media and government in Britain?

"Seemingly never-ending tales of terror abound in Swat, Pakistan, where the military has fought against the Taliban for years and where parents speak of being forced to surrender young boys to the militants who train them to become suicide bombers.

The scars may take years to heal for Hamad Ahmad, one of many Pakistani boys purportedly brainwashed by the Taliban and determined to enact maximum carnage as a suicide bomber.

His mind trained on violence and his heart full of God, Ahmad says he wants to carry a pistol and strap explosives to his body in the name of Islamic law -- not hold books and wear school uniform.

"I am ready to carry out a suicide attack against any target with approval of my ameer (chief)," said 15-year-old Hamad, who claimed he received 40 days of training from the Taliban after being snatched last year.

Hamad, who talked to AFP by telephone from Qambar village in Swat, is now among a group of teenagers being treated by military psychiatrists in the wake of Pakistan's latest air and ground assault against the Taliban in the valley..."
More at Helmand Blog

It's time the MCB put their money where their mouth is - what about speaking out against this or this or this?


  1. The MCB has its own agenda and it isn't to speak up for the average Muslim. They're close to Gordon Brown and that's the position they need to propagate their message.

  2. Imagine the outcry if they were disbanded - but that's what should be done, it's nothing but a glorified quango with vested interests.

  3. The situation in this country may be more precarious than any official line is admitting. Yesterday, I was passing a mosque at the time of Friday prayers. A policewoman was about 50 yards further up the road, talking to a woman. Suddenly, an apparently-muslim man shouted up the road at the policewoman: "What you doin' here?" The policewoman stopped talking to the woman and literally trotted, like a puppy, right up to the man, who just stood and waited for her, saying "Yes, sir, how can I help you."

    By the time she got to the man, I was out of earshot, but looking back, I could see the policewoman nodding her head and using 'No problem, sir' body language.

    I was ashamed. The police, apparently, are immediately accountable to any random muslim male. What is bubbling under the surface that makes the police so desperate not to 'offend' these sanctimonious, authoritarian bullying bastards?


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