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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Corruption In Defence Procurement

EU Referendum has an excellent post on two suspect operators and a sub-contractor the MoD deal with to supply some helicopters to our Forces in Afghanistan.

The contract with the sub-contractor "provides 340 hrs at a cost of around £3.9M per month" for one Mi-26 and two Mi8s, the average working out at about £11,500 per hour. Now, another general assumption is that, for routine contracts, the MoD – all things being equal – goes for the cheapest bidder. However,
"This blog has sight of a formal offer made to the MoD for the supply of the same helicopter types, costed at £3,500 per hour for an Mi-8 and £6,000 per hour for an Mi-26. This would work out at considerably less than half the cost of the Skylink contract, potentially saving the MoD £2 million a month. However, the eastern European and Russian operators are known to offer their services at rates considerably below these figures, offering potentially even greater savings if they were employed directly instead of through Skylink.

"Furthermore, other things were not equal..."

"Not only was this bid rejected out of hand, it emerges from a recent AP backgrounder that not only do the helicopter operators employed by the British and Nato have very suspect safety records, with links to known illicit arms dealers, there are also serious security concerns.
We already know that we're funding the Taliban through DfID aid, who else are we funding via the MoD? (See yesterday's post: No glory in this government).

EU Referendum also rightly questions the role of the msm in reporting this (actually, non-reporting). It's an enlightening article, worth reading in full. Bloggers continue to write about a complicit media and under-reporting of facts and secretive D-notices. There's an awful lot going on out there that must be brought to public scrutiny and the media conspires with the govt to hide it away. No wonder conspiracy-theorists are becoming thick on the ground.

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