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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Create A Problem: Resolve A Problem

Destroy and re-build. Each of Labour's policies, from criminal justice to education, from local communities to agriculture, has been a microcosm of the Fabian ethos.

Nick Herbert, Shadow DEfRA Secretary has done some digging and emerged with the following:
  • The UK’s self-sufficiency in indigenous food has fallen from 82% in 1998 to 73% in 2008;
  • The UK trade gap in food, feed and drink has widened by 52% in real terms between 1998 and 2007 to £15.2 billion;
  • Over 36,000 hectares of planted land for vegetables has been lost under Labour, falling from 153,000 when they took office to 116,000 in 2008;
  • Over the same period, the area of land for producing fresh fruit has fallen from 36,000 hectares to 28,000 hectares;
  • The number of dairy cows has fallen from 2,453,000 to 1,909,000;
  • The number of beef cows has fallen from 1,911,000 to 1,670,000;
  • The number of pigs has fallen from 7,834,000 to 4,714,000;
  • The sheep and lamb flock has fallen from 43,983,000 to 33,131,000;
  • The number of poultry kept has fallen from 169,901,000 to 166,200,000;
  • The area of land for cereals has fallen from 3,358,000 to 3,274,000.
In his conclusion Herbert talks of the 'increased regulatory burden' on our farmers but nowhere does he mention the impact of the EU's Common Agricultural Policy. This leads me to think that the Conservatives have no real solution to the sustainability of domestic food production. There has to be a better answer than simply more food labelling and 'buying British'.

Links: Nick Herbert
CAP2020 - EU site
Hilary Benn:

And it’s global this and global that and global rules the day
But it’s local this and local that and local people pay


  1. Reducing the number of bodies in the Country might be a good first step towards self sufficency.

  2. Oh, LN, you read the bit of my post that I didn't put up! (That and to stop interfering in so many foreign wars which wd further reduce global population).

  3. Our merry band is growing!


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