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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Dressing Up Gets A Dressing Down

South Yorkshire Police instigated a "Walking in your Shoes" Day . See if you can spot the WPC in the picture on the left and give yourself ten out of ten if you said 'all three'. Which numpties with a shared common purpose are responsible for this piece of community-relations grandstanding?
A police spokesman said the the day was designed to help officers interact better with the Muslim community across Sheffield. ‘This exercise is just one of many activities South Yorkshire Police have planned with communities and ethnic minority leaders to secure strong relationships, celebrate diversity and encourage integration, working towards a safer, closer society.’ However, there were no plans to extend the scheme for officers to dress up as members of other minority communities. The spokesman said the officers who dressed up believed they were being monitored by security staff when they went into a shop and were stared at in the street."
Well, duh!

What about this sort of thing: Burka-wearing jewel thief or this: Burka-wearing travel shop thief. There's a priceless quote from the police in the last article:
“His disguise was so distinctive we are hoping someone recalls seeing him, or even knows who he is. We would also appeal to anyone who has sold a burka to a man fitting this description, or is missing one, to get in touch.”


  1. "There were no plans to extend the scheme for officers to dress up as members of other minority communities." In other words, more pandering to the Religion of Hatred.

  2. Despite the fact that they'd previously said it was "just one of many activities" planned to engage ethnic minorities. I don't suppose we'll see WPCs dressed as chavs, Sikhs, Hare Krishna devotees, or even Ladies who Lunch (they really are a minority these days!).

  3. Wheres the self righteous Harperson's feminist views on the Burka or niqaab? The bitch screams loud enough on every other issue.
    Is her deafening silence regarding this moronic issue because of:

    Political correctness? - Islamic obsession? - A deep loathing of all Europeans other than moralistic Socialists? - Islamic votes? - Rank Stupidity..(YES! I think we have a winner)

    Even attempting to look at this from a Socialist point of view it makes absolutely no sense at all, other than the right wing Socialists are currently Radical Islams greatest critics.

    In other words yet again, this odious government are playing their Party Politics with the lives of our future generations.


  4. Too true D&C - in earlier times people would have been marching in protest but the sad fact is that the people on those marches in the 70's and 80's are now either in government or taxpayer-funded quangos which advise government.

    Big fight ahead.


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