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Thursday, 13 August 2009

First In & Last Out

Britain entered recession before France and Germany yet both countries have emerged from it earlier.

Does anyone remember German Finance Minister Peer Steinbruck who pointed out that Brown's fiscal stimulus will achieve nothing except to "raise Britain's debt to a level that will take a whole generation to work off".

Or this? "In the very same week that Gordon Brown stood up in Parliament and claimed that he was saving the world, the world answered back. In a matter of just a few days, the German Finance Minister described Mr Brown's reckless borrowing as "crass" and "depressing", international currency markets sent the pound to a new low against the euro, and it has become clear that the British bank recapitalisation plan is the most expensive in Europe."

Or this? Steffen Kampeter, the CDU/CSU budget spokesman – not of the same party as the Social Democrat Mr Steinbrück – said: "Peer Steinbrück's comments have nothing whatsoever to do with internal German politics, as Prime Minister Brown has suggested. After years of lecturing us on how we need to share in the gains of uncontrolled financial markets, the Labour politicians can't now expect us to share in its losses. The tremendous amount of debt being offered by Britain shows a complete failure of Labour policy."
I think this bears repeating too:


  1. Brown borrowed too much and saved little, and got told off for it by world leaders and their colleagues.

    We are seeing and feeling the results of Brown's wisdom and leadership while foreign countries will be raking in the cash. Thanks, Gordon.

  2. Too true VotR, the man's a complete ar*ehole - even Mandy knows it.

  3. Mandy "knows" all about Jim's .....
    They are all a pathetic but dangerous crowd of cornered rats.


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