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Sunday, 23 August 2009

The Gray Report

It's almost nine o'clock and I'm still waiting for the BBC News to report on the Sunday Times' disclosure of the Gray Report. They finally spared a minute but it was hardly in-depth, preferring to focus instead on Labour's McConnell talking about "Scotland's shame" vis-a-vis al-Megrahi (another fine mess).

It was Laura Kuenssberg who first released details of some slides from the Gray report obtained under the FoI Act at the beginning of August.

The strongly-worded 296-page report states that the management is poor, the projects expensive and items out of date by the time they arrive.
“How can it be that it takes 20 years to buy a ship, or aircraft, or tank?
“Why does it always seem to cost at least twice what was thought?
“Even worse, at the end of the wait, why does it never quite seem to do what it was supposed to?”
Gray says the MoD department in charge of procurement is so incompetent that it should be privatised; that would be the department run by Quentin Davies.

The Sunday Times has really gone to town on the leaked report and devotes a 3rd article to it for maximum coverage:
"The prime minister’s repeated claims that our armed forces have all the equipment they need are exposed as pure deceit."
Labour's faux-pacific roots and concomitant resentment of the Armed Forces shouldn't be a surprise to anyone and the contents of this report won't surprise either. The main thing is that it's a step forward now the report is in the public domain and the government's lies are exposed.

Why the sprout? Because it has more integrity than our shameful, hypocritical PM & MoD, who rely on the honour & commitment of our Armed Forces while having none of their own.


  1. Is that a Brussels sprout you're advertising there, GV?

  2. Shh Edgar - we don't like that word around here :)


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