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Saturday, 15 August 2009

I'm Sorry...

... but someone really needs to go round to David Cameron's house, knock on the door and ask him if he wants his balls back.

Forget the natural attraction Americans feel for a man who speaks his mind; forget the Left's natural antipathy to America, and just listen to the message of Hannan. The NHS can no longer be a 'sacred cow'.

I'm so angry at the relentless media vilification of Hannan and Helmer over the past two days. The Conservative Party should - must - address the failings in the NHS. It's a prime example of bureacracy gone mad; it's running amok with managers of Trusts, managers of PCT's; quangos like NICE (which the Americans charmingly refer to as 'death panels' but, be honest, they've got a point) and hundreds of nameless jobsworths who have a finger in every flipping pie while drawing a 6-figure salary. The NHS is lobbied through government-sponsored bodies (charities?) which take our money to tell us how to live and then bring in rules to deny us treatment because we didn't live by their rules. Our taxes run the NHS and all the quangos. We pay to be told whether we can have a life-saving drug or not.

Smoker? Tough. Two bottles of Chablis a week? Tough. Overweight? Tough. Old? Tough. Not viable? Tough. Disabled? Tough. We need the doctors and NHS staff themselves to stand up & speak out clearly and loudly against the way it is - but they haven't. (BMA? Sinecure for life).

Get rid of the f£cking lot and start again because it's been corrupted by successive governments, toadying msm and the consequential distorted public expectation over the years.

Anyone reading this for the first time would think I'm a rabid right-winger, but I'm not. Always in politics, head and heart collide but this time I think my heart and head are agreed that the NHS needs to be changed for the benefit of the British people - we shouldn't be afraid of change.
Video lifted from Sub Rosa


  1. too right. I'm glad this can of worms has opened up before an election. There comes a time when the main 3 parties will unite i.e. wars, EU and now the NHS.

    Considering the blatant statistics on the NHS, this is not gonna do Cameron any favours unless he somehow manages to agree with Hannan and keep the 1.4 million NHS employees sweet as well. And I reckon Hannan has more followers than the NHS lot. Should be interesting to see who backs down, when and how.

  2. Aye CB well said. GV glad you ranted on the lack of vision of the tories. For goodness sake have we no politicians with balls? Anyone with any sense and/or knows someone who lives in Europe must know we're getting a second rate heathcare system here. Yes, theirs may cost a couple of pounds more a week, but isn't it a price worth paying.

    I forgot to put a link on my post to a superb report about the US heathcare system and the German one. Here it is.


    Written by a German of course but he's certainly not subjective.

  3. I can't see Cameron backing down CB and that's why I'm in 'rant mode' about this. There's no way he'll back down before a GE.

    SR - thanks again for the video. I think we're on a par with Europe now (Blair's stated aim in 1997)- I can't find the pdf but I think it's between 8/9% gdp. It's interesting to see that the USA spends about 14% gdp (where?) but still has people dying in gutters for lack of private health insurance.

  4. I suspect that any people dying in gutters do so because of what led them to the gutters in the first place - mostly their own choices.

    We spend billions as benefits on people who have self-inflicted illnesses or in some cases self-diagnosed 'diabilities'[drunks and junkies get more cash, but self-harming and 'panic attacks' seem to be the coming things in my line of work] and then the NHS picks up the tab for letting them indulge themselves for free and not to even look for work.

    Such incorrigibles in our benefit system are already on a road to hell, and it is unfair to suggest that, once they have leeched an income and their housing costs off the taxpayers, the self-same working stiffs should have to foot the bill for them disrupting hospitals where the innocent sick and injured dearly need help.

    Americans who are young and well should not have to pay for healthcare they don't use yet, and neither should we.

    It might be different if there were no [or much rarer and lower] disability benefits for anyone except paraplegics and the blind, say - though the Lord knows that individuals from such groups do find work often enough - but this is not the case here, and I think it would be unjust to force the Americans to move into such a complicated and harmful scheme.

  5. Hi NNW - whilst agreeing with you that Americans shouldn't be forced into adopting a similar scheme, life isn't so clear-cut. Not everyone is where they want to be through lifestyle choice and there has to be a safety net so we can't just abolish the NHS.

    At 8% gdp it should be possible to provide a good standard of care for most of us if we could somehow cut back on the tiers of management. But it doesn't. It's an ideological failure. I'm all for implementing the best of the NHS with the best of the USA - we can learn a lot from them.

  6. The left recognise Dan's integrity and they fear it because they don't have any.

    Therefore, they attack it.

    Northwester raises a good point. We are no longer breeding character, which enables people to thrive in the face of adversity.

  7. There is no freedom of speech any more I'm afraid.

  8. There is no freedom any more. Full stop.

  9. Look, let's all agree Cameron and we Tories are every bit as useless as Labour. You know, only ever manage to sort out Labours' messes then deservedly make way to let Labour defile us all again and again. Yup, since they're all the same let's abolish elections and let Labour rule forever. You'll find me somwhere in Rural France whilst a new Tory Government, weighed down by a debt mountain we all have to pay for, really get it in the neck whilst Labour temporarily take up Morris Dancing on the corpse of a dead UK.

  10. The Conservatives do have a mountain to climb OR - we can only hope that common sense prevails and Cameron drops his centrist, touchy-feely approach. We're all in for a rough ride but at least the Cons are beginning to talk about small govt, abolishing the NIR database and other civil liberties issues. We have to cling to glimmers of hope where we find them.


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