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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Like Father, Like Son

I used to play a game - not a very imaginative or thrilling one - where I'd decide where to live in England depending on the quality of the local MP.  For many years I've had my eye set on a small farmholding in the constituency of Shipley, West Yorkshire but this morning I discovered that the apple had fallen from a bigger tree, so I'm now musing on the possibilities of Doncaster.  They recently elected an English Democrat Mayor and by all accounts, he's doing very well.

With delicious serendipity, it turns out that Peter Davies (the Mayor) is father of Philip Davies (the MP).
Within a week of his election, Mr Davies had slashed his own salary from £73,000 to £30,000, scrapped the mayoral limousine and abolished the council's free newspaper.  He has written to the Electoral Commission asking them to scrap two-thirds of Doncaster's 63 council seats in order to save the town £800,000 a year.
'If Pittsburgh can manage with nine councillors, why do we need 63?' he asks.
Doncaster definitely has the edge at the moment and I hope many more English Democrat Mayors and Councillors with the same values are elected to office in England - it's no less than we deserve.  I'll definitely be keeping an eye on Doncaster.


  1. On your argument, I need to move house!

  2. Yes OR, I think it would be much easier if every voter identified an MP whose views they agreed with and then moved into that constituency. It saves all the disappointment of going to vote for someone who promises you one thing but delivers another.

  3. That's exactly what we need here! but there is resistance - not from the people of course but from the bloody council:

    "Newcastle City Council leader John Shipley said: “Elected mayors are not a good idea and the council has always taken the view that it wanted a collective leadership as opposed to power concentrated in a single individual.

    “I don’t like concentration of power in one person and there are too many examples of where the elected mayor role has gone badly. There have been problems in Doncaster and Stoke.”

    Councils, democracy, accountability. Spot the odd one out.

  4. There don't seem to have been many more problems in Doncaster or Stoke than there would otherwise have been - except that the jobsworths are now discovering they no longer have it all their own way. The same goes for elected police chiefs too.

  5. Ah see 'a' wi've ali' thoughts ont' sem subject.

  6. Yes - great minds - mind you it's not surprising he's a popular man. I skimmed through the comments & couldn't see any that opposed him.

  7. Like Hannan... he has caught the public's imagination. I can't wait for a Yorkshire PM telling Baroness Scotland to make everyone a cup of tea.


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