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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The Lisbon Treaty: Wakey Wakey Sleepy People

'I'm having an EU Day'.

The Lisbon Treaty is the culmination of years of plotting, deception and conspiring against the people of Britain and Europe.

Our national Parliaments will become redundant as all power that still remains will transfer to Brussels. It will mean the formal end of those historic nations of Europe who are member states of the EU. National embassies around the world will come under the auspicies of EU Ambassadors.

The ancient counties and provinces will be merged and combined into `EU Administrative Regions`. (The `devolved` parliaments of Scotland and Wales, to be joined by the eradication of `England` and the setting up of similar regional assemblies are an example).

The EU will take ownership of police, military, nuclear weapons, currency reserves and North Sea oil as outlined in the treaty document. Serving members of our Police and Armed Forces will be required to take an oath of loyalty to the EU. Refusal will result in dismissal. The EU will have complete control of all military matters, equipment and facililties.

Political parties will be abolished, phased out or realigned. Only pan-European parties will be allowed. Independence parties will effectively be outlawed as under the 1999 ruling of the European Court Of Justice (case 274/99), it is illegal to criticize the EU, insult it's symbols or officials. (Even before the second Irish vote, news from Brussels indicates that plans are already in hand to eliminate any `Eurosceptic groups within the EU Parliament). The EU will have the legal right to close National Parliaments and Assemblies.

There will be no `redress of grievance` through local `democratic` channels because there won't be any local democracy. Or any democracy at all for that matter. The `EU Administrative Regional Governments` will be unelected (See the EU regionalisation plan on the EU Website). Our only vote will be to the powerless EU Parliament. We will be ruled by the unelected EU Commisioners, who have no `accountability to the people` at any level.

If we demonstrate or protest, we can be seized and relocated to another EU region. The EU Arrest Warrant and various legislation introduced across the EU since 9/11 will give the authorities absolute power over us.

There is a provision for the introduction of capital punishment 'in time of war' or during 'events leading up to' war.

Links: Klaus Heeger, 2008
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  1. I really do wish political parties would debate this GV instead of sticking their heads in the sand. What's DC's stance these days? Are his hands tied for a referendum if Eire says yes?

  2. It's a confused picture coming from the Cons at the moment SR. Cameron has implied that if Ireland votes 'yes' then a referendum here is off. However, Hague subsequently said that a referendum would be held regardless, without a rebuttal or 'clarification' as they like to call it these days.

  3. Have you references for each of these claims?

  4. This does not present a very united front and Cameron should realise that. His response is weak and is the opposite of what the British people want, but he has been very wide of the mark on more than one occasion. He concerns me greatly and I now suspect we won't get to see the real Cameron until sometime late next year.

  5. Not a Sheep - hi, if you mean in the post itself, just follow the links. Or did you mean my comment about the Conservative Party?
    Spider - yes, it's a muddled picture coming from the Cons at the moment though I've discounted Ken Clarke's comments to Sky of a few weeks ago since they were quite firmly rebutted.

  6. G Santayana 1863 - 1952 said: "In minds as in insects the vehemence of littleness is remakable." Sums up this blog methinks.

  7. Welcome, Anonymous. Schopenhauer 1788-1869: "Intellect is invisible to the man who has none." Sums up you methinks.


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