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Friday, 21 August 2009

Michael Savage Takes It Further

Following the inclusion of American 'shock-jock' Michael Savage on the Home Office list of people banned from entering the UK, his lawyers have again written to Jacqui Smith as the next step to suing for damages. Here's an extract:
13. In order to remedy your actions in respect of the Press Release, our client requires that you respond within 14 days of this letter, that is on or by 1 September 2009, undertaking the following:

(a) the payment by you to our client of a substantial sum in damages to be agreed;
(b) the sending by you to our client of a letter, in terms and in a form to be agreed with our client, which can then be circulated at our client's discretion to include a retraction of the allegations, a personal apology from you, and an acknowledgement that you have agreed to pay a substantial sum in libel damages to our client;
(c) a written undertaking from you not to repeat the allegations complained of; and
(d) the payment by you of our client's legal costs of dealing with this matter.

14. If we do not hear from you in these terms, our client will issue proceedings against you forthwith. In the meantime, our client reserves all his rights...
Further info here.
I wish Savage success and I hope Geert Wilders follows his example.

(I'm having problems deciphering the look on Brown's face in the pic above; is it malevolence, boredom or something else?)


  1. Seems to me he's looking daggers at her, GV!
    The Michael Savage situation is absolutely delicious - I wonder if she's crapping herself yet?!! Then, of course, the Sunlight COPS are after her too - this has brightened up my day no end!

  2. He's wondering what she would look like in dominatrix outfit with a whip and not liking the prospect?????

  3. What the is wrong with the English? Thank God my ancestors left that sad little island. So Michael Savage offends your pointy-headed, effeminate sensibilities? Let me just go ahead and say it. In less than a century, you'll be under sharia law. It's unfortunate that societal evolution can't happen any faster - but I'm not giving up. I'm going to donate money to build another mosque on your shit-hole island. It's obvious, the best of you left for America over 200 years ago.

    What a disgusting, politically correct, panty-waste of a nation. I know most of you hate AMERICANS (it's an honor, beleive me.). It seems you never miss a chance to denigrate us. Well, Fuck you all. This is what I think of you. You're a nation of slaves. No honor. No integrity. No true freedom of speech, religion, etc., etc.. The english are pure, unadulterated, euro-trash. Go take your rightful place next to france.

  4. Ace, GV!

    Why don't we all write to Geerd Wilders and encourage him to go after Jackboot?

  5. Piss off Anon, and don't come back until you've learned to read.

    Sue, that's sick, even for Brown. I reckon it's definitely daggers. Savage isn't going to let this go - more power to him. Wilders made noises about doing the same when he was turned back at the airport but I haven't heard any updates yet, Fausty.

  6. Maybe Fausty is right, GV - perhaps we should all write to Geert Wilders and tempt him with the idea! Maybe even one well-constructed letter signed by all of us who are interested in seeing Jackboots brought before the courts could be another way of going about it, too.

    That Anon (above) had to deliberately misconstrue your post to be able to write that drivel or else his brain's been installed backwards!

  7. Anon:
    I think it's you who hates the English you muppet. I am English and live in the U.S.. I have not met any Americans with your vindictive attitude and I have been here for a decade. Infact, i'd say most of the Americans I meet love England! How dya like that?
    Regarding the post, Brown looks like he's stoned. Smith looks like a lezbo!

  8. Hi today's Anonymous, it doesn't sound like any American I've met so it's probably just someone trying to cause trouble, or who couldn't be bothered to read the post properly.

    I have to say, I haven't missed our Jacquaay since she 'resigned' and I'm enjoying this period of comparative quiet with Brown still on 'holiday'.


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