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Sunday, 9 August 2009

No Charges On Met Credit Card Scam

More than a thousand police officers and staff of the Metropolitan Police will not face charges over the misuse of corporate credit cards. Scotland Yard has said there are simply too many cases and they will instead 'receive guidance and training'.
A total of 3,533 officers and staff were issued with the cards and at one point £3.7 million of public money was unaccounted for. The majority of this money has been paid back, but legal action is expected against two officers who owe £82,000 and £1,100.

Senior officers were so overwhelmed by the number of cases they decided the card holders would not be punished - deciding instead that the staff, the vast majority of whom worked in counter terrorism and other specialist crime inquiries, would be given "training and guidance".
The moral of this story seems to be that if people abuse a law in sufficient numbers the police will be 'overwhelmed' and no charges will be preferred.


  1. And there's another moral, and it is a much, much older one:

    "One law for them, ..."

  2. We've seen it in action before - I get tired of saying everyone equal under one law


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