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Monday, 3 August 2009

A Warning To Govt From Comms Industry

Old Rightie has spotted a Positive News article that I really like. It's by Henry Porter in The Guardian:
"In a submission to the Home Office as part of a public consultation, internet firms have candidly labelled the plans as "an unwarranted intrusion into people's privacy" and have suggested people were deceived about the extent of the government's ambitions to monitor the country's communications data.

"According to the Sunday Times, the London Internet Exchange which represents 330 firms including BT, Virgin, and Carphone Warehouse, says that the proposals are deceptive. "We view the description of the government's proposals as 'maintaining' the capability as disingenuous: the volume of data the government now proposes [we] should collect and retain will be unprecedented, as is the overall intrusion into then privacy of the citizenry."
So that's a fairly loud 'No' from the communications industry and it goes against the provisions of the Human Rights Act as well. I wonder if this rotten, control-freakery government-of-all-the-talentless will finally get the message?


  1. Unfortunately, the government doesn't give a fig about reports like that. It will just ignore it and carry on behind the scenes, as with ID cards and the national ID register.

    Another boot on the human face today is Ed Balls's plan to spy on families via 24/7 CCTV cameras in their homes.

    First, they came for the Jews ...

    BTW, I've fallen off the positivity wagon - just too livid today!

  2. Fausty, get back on. Less than 10 months to go!
    Many thanks for the link, GV.

  3. You're welcome OR - it was a good find.

    I'll read the article first Fausty but personally I think it will come down to boots on the ground in the end. Just keep plugging away - one day won't make much difference to them.

  4. Looking on the bright side Fausty (Christ knows how hard I'm trying today) it's yet another nail in the coffin of NuLiebore. Self inflicted of course, just like most of them.

    Now that's gotta make you smile ;-)


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