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Monday, 3 August 2009

One For The Malthusians

Okay, I admit it's not very positive news for people in the Chinese province of Qinghai but it will give food for thought to Malthusian environmentalists who say the the current population of the earth is unsustainable.

Apparently there's an outbreak of Pneumonic Plague in the north-western town of Ziketan; two people have already died and 10,000 have been contained inside the area. It's an airborne virus and is more virulent than Bubonic Plague which killed 25m in Europe and Britain in the Middle Ages. And they told us the Swine Flu pandemic would be bad!

There's more on Thomas Malthus here. Supporters of the Optimum Population Trust include (Sir) Jonathon Porritt CBE and (Sir) David Attenborough CVO, CBE. The well-known pauper Zac Goldsmith is also known to support Malthusian principles.

I can see the economic & environmental sustainability argument behind it but the possibilities are just a little too creepy for me - or it could be that it's all perfectly reasonable and I've just watched far too many zombie-attack films for my own good. I blame Simon Pegg.

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