"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Something Lost: Something Found

What's Lost:
Earlier today I book-marked a page in the Telegraph thinking I could return to it later. Well, return I did but the page has disappeared. The headline was: "Hundreds of Britons will be extradited for minor crimes under new rules." The article was about the impact the European Arrest Warrant will have on British citizens when it is fully implemented next year. You'll have to take my word for it that it didn't make happy reading. Ostensibly introduced to make it easier to catch international organised criminal gangs and terrorists under the Schengen Information System, it now seems that Brits sought for petty crimes will be extradited to any country within the EU. This is regardless of the fact that the 'offence' may not be a crime in Britain, that the system of law is different and jails can be rather primitive. Thanks for nothing Lib/Lab/Con.

What's Found:
These don't make comforting reading either. The first article is about a preacher & his father who were threatened with arrest by the police for reading extracts from the Bible in a town square in Manchester. "One plain-clothed officer, who was with the other two uniformed officers, said: 'It is against the law to preach and hand out tracts: preaching causes offence and handing out tracts is harassment and could result in an arrest.'" Really? Tell that to Islamic fundamentalist nutjobs then.

The second article is about the EU - again! When is someone going to say 'this far and no farther'? More to the point, who is going to say it? Brussels regulations mean the loss of over 1,000 British jobs in the aluminium industry.

The third article is something and nothing about the name Mohammed becoming the most popular boy's name in Holland's four biggest cities. 'Previous government name counts which separated the different spellings, have avoided controversy by keeping the name of Islam's founder outside the Dutch top 20 of favourite names.' I wonder how this government decides the criteria for compiling favourite names?

And finally, pensioner poverty in Britain is more than a third higher than the European average. It's a disgraceful way to treat our elderly. As I said, thanks for nothing Lib/Lab/Con. We've had decades of your policies and all you've done is grind this country into the dust.


  1. As I see we are the unhappy generation that unfortunately will have to ride out the storm that our Political masters have created for us. I say ride out the storm for clearly the winds are changing.

    Cameron has two choices come annual party conference. This is assuming that the Irish have faultered in their undying scepticism of everything that is the EU - but who could blame them, it is not as if the debate has been proportional or unbiased.

    a) Cameron rolls over and commits Britain for further integration and more and more EU until the UK is a defunct state in all but name. That is to say no referendum on the EU.
    b) He does give a referendum anyway which will deliver him, in my opinion, a massive majority in Pariliament come may and much needed respect from the electorate.

    Fortunately though this is a catch 22 for David since he cannot win over British euroscepticism - this is what stops me from crying my eyes out each and every night:

    If he does not deliver a referndum the rift will be open and he will loose the majority of his core voters, they will either go to UKIP or elsewhere. New Labour will bang on about Tory EU tensions and the storm will start again.

    If he does promise a referendum anyway this means that Britain will have to renegotiate her position in the EU adopting a much firmer position as either an EFTA member or dropping out completely - highly unlikely but I conquer with most analysists; whatever the question in a British EU referendum it will be a vote on in or out.

    So you see they cannot win. Of course they might repeal all form of sovereignity and democracy we have left but then they will have a civil war on their hands, I am guessing that is not what they want.


  3. The UK will not leave the EU - it won't be allowed.

  4. 13th - you're right, the EU issue is going to give everyone, not only Cameron, a huge headache but it really can't carry on in its present form; it's just untenable. It's done enormous damage to the fabric of this country.

  5. Hi Scunnert, the penalties imposed on us by Brussels would be so large it would be a brave government, and a brave people, who voted to leave. The question is therefore: Are the Brits brave enough?

  6. Are the Brits brave enough?

    They were in 1939!

  7. I would love to be wrong OR but society has changed a great deal since 1939. I would like to think that we can find that sort of mettle again and that if push came to shove we'd be up to the task again.

  8. Telling the EU to F*** off includes telling them what they can do with their 'penalties'.

    I'm with OR. It takes a really dire situation to draw the resources of the combined English people, but that situation may very well be on the way.

  9. True Edgar, but I don't see a politician willing to do that! In that case, it's down to the people.

  10. Dear gentlemen you have to brave the analysis a bit further to unravel the true meaning of the coming years.

    Do notice that the MSM do not make the news anymore, we do to some extent control what is news now since more and more people are entering the realms of the WWW and leaving behind the traditional forms of media; TV and newspapers.

    In 1972, 1 in 3 thought the EU was a good thing.

    Today 1 in 5 think the EU is a good thing.

    A recent poll by the BBC (yes the Biased Broadcasting Corporation, intent on creating left wing havoc in old Britannia) found that a majority of those asked, 55%, wanted the UK out of the EU. 44% wanted to stay.

    What New Labour and the Tories have yet to realise is that if your ignore core concerns the electorate will rape you.

    If you ignore immigration concerns people fell ostracised by Westminster and have little choice but to cave into to the horrors personified by the BNP - it is no coincidence that British fascism makes its biggest brake through under the auspices of Dave, Gordon and Tony.

    If you ignore the EU question people will turn to UKIP to express their concerns.

    5 years ago UKIP came third.
    This year they came second.
    (you thought I was going to write "who knows that they will be in five years time." I did not write this for the explicit reason that under current circumstances British politics is anything but static.)

    British Politics today has turned into soap-opera politics, where the most sensible debates are held online and not in the Houses of Parliament - that venerable institution which shaped this, sadly, declining Island.

    But this here, what we are doing now, is true power. We are discussing what they dare not and until they stop us from doing this (the EU is quite intent on impossing compulsory registration for all bloggers, google Marianne Mikko. Estonian Socialist Marianne Mikko. Asked if she considered bloggers to be "a threat", she replied "we do not see the bloggers as a threat. They are in position, however, to considerably pollute cyberspace. We already have too much spam, misinformation and malicious intent in cyberspace", you see gentlemen, we are malicious intent) they are going to have a monstrous task in disestablishing the UK through the EU.

    You cannot carry culture by the sword, it is not possible.


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