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Thursday, 20 August 2009

When Is Undercover Surveillance Most Risky?

A: When you're back at base having your lunch and someone ushers in a group of offenders.

Priceless. Someone at West Midlands Police decided that 14 offenders (burglars, druggies, muggers) working in the police gardens needed a break so they were allowed into the Police Canteen to mingle with serving officers and have lunch. They bumped into plain-clothes detectives assigned to surveillance work.

An un-named senior detective said: "We have got a covert observation team who are meant to be incognito. We do not want them coming around the corner straight into people they are supposed to be doing surveillance on next week."

Another added: "It's ludicrous – how are we supposed to move around in criminal circles under cover only for a couple of them to recognise us as dining partners.

"Whoever came up with this plan needs their head read. They moved freely around the station – I saw undercover officers trying to avoid being recognised by slipping out of side exits."

However, Supt Surjeet Manku, of the Queen's Road police station, said: "The programme was risk assessed and all access to canteen facilities was supervised. While I understand concerns from a few officers I also believe in treating everyone with dignity, fairness and respect."

Superintendent Surjeet Manku sounds like a real prize prat from New Labour's Common Purpose School of Education and I bet ACPO have him lined up for promotion. Plonquer.


  1. It's like some kind of wacky competition to out stupid each other lately. Common Purpose? More like Complete Prats.

  2. Right LN - it's like an episode from the Rowan Atkinson show - the thin blue line I think it was called.

  3. Political correctness is so handy, though, isn't it? It doesn't matter how ludicrous some action is, there is always someone in 'authority' who can trot out some head-shakingly stupid justification along the lines of those burbled out by Manku.

    Offenders have, by definition, offended. That means they have not treated others with dignity, fairness and respect. It is not because they don't know how to do that - it is because they chose not to do that. Therefore, the Police are wasting their time in providing examples of 'dignity, fairness and respect'.

    Now, if you or I waste Police time, we are likely to be charged and face a hefty fine. I'm sure you can finish off the logic for yourself.

  4. You really could not make the thick, ignorant twats up, GV! I'm sure there are smarter amoebas than these Labour-educated/trained "operatives!

  5. I thought this was a joke at first GV. When are we going to have an anti-pc protest?

  6. For all we know there could have been one already SR. The msm stopped reporting discontent amongst the proles a long time ago.


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