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Friday, 28 August 2009

You Can't Legislate Equality

Hmmm.  Equality is a myth; it's an impossibility peddled as a right by people like Harman, Cooper, Brown, Balls, Darling, Straw - spot the marxist connections.

HR must do more to accommodate Ramadan & other festivals

Hide your tea & biscuits and change working hours if necessary

Or this: "It is affirmative action.”

No, it isn't, it's discrimination and appeasement at the expense of the traditional and historic values of this country and its people.  Actions like these are better coming from the individual or the local community - they can't be successfully state-driven by central government.

More info on Harman's Equality Bill


  1. The worst problems of this kind of thinking arise when religious considerations are thrown into the mix. By its very nature, religion is irrational. There is, to give just two examples: no logical reason why anyone should fast at a certain time of the year, nor sit in a big draughty building for an hour every Sunday. It is all imposed on the believers by the religious authorities. It is, therefore, a decree of behaviour by non-elected religious 'leaders'.

    Every person in the country, whether religious or not, should be able to see that 'encouraging' the population in general to accommodate religious diktats is eroding personal liberties. There are valid reasons why people should adapt to a few general rules, but to avoid 'offending' arbitrary religious regulations is not one of them.

  2. Seriously, I don't normally swear but why the F*** should I not be eating biscuits because someone else is fasting? I have a right to biscuits dammit!

    Do we allow christian/jewish/buddhist practices at work? No, we actively discourage them in most cases, but oh no, muslims must be accomodated - I'm not religious at all and I don't even have a problem with muslims, it's the bloody pc fascists who adhere to some sort of twisted logic that I hate

    Here's the rationale - I am doing a sponsored fast for charity, I demand there be no biscuits present!!

    And if it's all about religion then give every religion the same sway over us and see where that gets us

    rahhhh! angry! biscuits!

  3. Yes, common sense has flown out of the window (or been kicked out). As T says, 'all religions or none' - I don't understand this elevation of Islam above other religions. Religions should be able to peacefully co-exist as a personal, private and individual choice but once the state gets involved in religion you may as well start building the barricades now.
    I saw that vid when you first posted it Scunnert - there are others similar on YouTube and they all freak me out.


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