"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

It's Official

The Sun says: Labour's driving ambition has not been to improve Britain. It has been to retain power at all costs - with no lie judged too great in its ruthless and relentless self-promotion.


Paxman interviewing Ed Miliband on Newsnight was worth seeing. If you missed it here's the link to BBC iPlayer.

The Sarah & Gordon Show

Cameron Interview

Nick Ferrari will be interviewing David Cameron for half an hour this morning on LBC 97.3fm, Sky 0124 or online and you can phone in to question him directly, 0845 60 60 973. The programme runs from 7am to 10am.
UPDATE: EU Referendum obviously heard it too and have blogged on Cameron's response to a question from a listener about a British EU Referendum.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Wordling Brown

Wordle: Brown's Speech to Conference
Good old Gordon - click to enlarge.

Just A Quickie

Fuckity-fuck off Gordon Brown
The Labour Party's let us down.
We're mired in debt
You'll never get
A sweeter fuck-off,
Gordon Brown.

Brown's Speech to Conference

4ozs of Nuttall's Mintoes & a Sherbert Fountain to Grumpy Old Twat for designing this unique gift for Gordon.

Sarah made a 'surprise guest introduction' with a eulogy to Gordon  I'm glad to see she took my fashion advice and added a touch of orange to her wardrobe.  'My husband, my hero...'

Here we go...  the front seats are packed to the sounds of "Move on up...keep on pushing" and Brown's overall message is to keep on pushing for "The World That Can Be".

The speech lasted just over an hour and started, "You know, friends, it is the fighters and believers who change the world again.  We've charged changed the world before and we're gonna charge change the world ."

"I'm sorry to say that by opposing all these measures, Conservative policy would callously & coldly return us to the lost generation and the Cardboard Cities.  We say never again - that's the change we choose: the change that benefits the many, not the few."

Here's a complete list of Labour's accomplishments according to Gordon, verbatim:

the Winter fuel allowance
the shortest NHS waiting times in history
crime down by a third
the creation of Sure-Start
the cancer-guarantee
record results in schools
more students than ever
the Disability Discrimination Act
civil partnerships
peace in Northern Ireland
the social chapter
half a million children out of poverty
maternity pay
paternity leave
child benefit at record levcels
the minimum wage
the ban on cluster bombs
the cancelling of debt
the trebling of aid
the first-ever climate change act

"That's the Britain we've been building together, that's the change we choose".

Not exactly Gordon, only 23% of the electorate voted for your god-forsaken Party when Blair was Leader and you were coronated, aka parachuted in.  Only 23% of the electorate believed Blair then, and that gives me hope for now and the future.

I hope someone makes a video of that section because his arms were going left, right, centre and up his @rse.  I've never seen him so animated.

He went on to pay tribute to " my constant friend and brilliant Deputy Leader, Harriet Harman".  He praised her Equality Bill and managed to segue to the BNP - cue pursed lips and downward glance.

Alistair Darling was also singled out: "the best Chancellor the country ever had" (cue hesitant laughter from the hall) and he reinforced the limp joke by turning it back to himself by saying, "the press would probably report it as 'Brown snubs Brown".

It was just more of the same.   Repetitive, rhetorical and full of lying sh!t.  Of course ID cards aren't compulsory -  they never were.  Blunkett said it years ago.  It isn't compulsory, it's coercion.  Brown announced a policy-change to a policy which doesn't exist.  Click on the Surveillance State tag to find the record because I'm so hacked off about this.  It was known years ago and it's only because it's out here on the internet that they have to acknowledge small, non-harming leaks.  Will the Labour Party get rid of the NIR (National Identity Register)?.  Google NIR and you'll get the bus timetables in Northern Ireland.

"Because the task is difficult the triumph will be even greater."  Just a load of bollox soundbites for the News Channels.  They've been trying to change the world for 130yrs and I have to credit them with persistence

ENOUGH - Essentially the boxes were designed by Labour and have all been ticked in Brown's speech. There wasn't a topic he didn't touch, from our AF to the NHS - apart from the European Union.

I can only reiterate Brown's words:
"Our country faces the biggest choice for a generation so we need to fight."
After that you'll have to check out Churchillian speeches and Kipling's poems for yourselves.
UPDATE: Full text

*Live Blogging Of Brown's Speech*

Guido will be live blogging Brown's speech c. 2.30pm Brit-time.

I like the choice of Conference music at the moment - 'Caught by the undertow, my life is out of control... oh sit down, oh sit down, sit down next to me... sit down in sympathy... those who find they're touched by madness .. those who find themselves ridiculous... sit down next to me.'

Well, they keep saying desperate times call for desperate measures but talk about a musical plea from the heart. I love it. What next? Blue Oyster Cult's Don't Fear The Reaper?
UPDATE: OMG - Sarah's on first.

More On The EU

“Our sovereignty has been take away by the European Court of Justice. Our courts must no longer enforce our national laws. They must enforce community law. No longer is European law an incoming tide flowing up the estuaries of England. It is now like a tidal wave bringing down our sea walls and flowing inland over our fields and houses to the dismay of all.” - Judge Lord Tom Denning, 1990.
The Lisbon Treaty is self amending (art. 48). The treaty allows for direct EU taxes and will affect foreign direct investment policy. Ireland’s low corporation tax has been complained about in the past by France and Germany. Under Lisbon EU politicians if they wished could abolish Ireland’s low corporation rate as it would be deemed ‘unfair’ competition.

UPDATE: Charters & Caldecott have news that the Constitreaty will be implemented no matter what the outcome of the Irish Referendum - how's that for democratic accountability?  Do you hear that Ireland?  And, what's Cameron's position re a British referendum now?

Hypocrite Alan Johnson

Home Secretary Alan Johnson had the nerve to quote this in his speech:

He used it against the Conservatives (naturally) when he spoke of their "pledge" to repeal the Human Rights Act.  What have I missed?  When did they pledge to repeal it and where is it written?

Jack Straw's Speech: 'Me Too'

This man loathes George Osborne with a passion doesn't he?

We had the obligatory opening lines of 'Labour birthright & credentials' followed by 'a quiet Constitutional revolution' [not quite; we have noticed Jack], 'much progress has been made but work not done', 'will be introducing a National Victims Service with a new 'Victims Commissioner'.  [We're all f@cking victims of your government Jack, or haven't you picked up the vibes yet?]

In other words it was the usual Gramscian bollox of Labour = caring; Tories = evil.
Further reading, if you want it: Neither Fascism nor Liberalism: Sovietism!

One From Guido

It seems quite tame in comparison with some other videos but mockery's mockery and it's all welcome.  It's behind-the-scenes footage from the Conference:

Courtesy of Guido

Kicking Kinnock

The former Labour Party leader and well known millionaire trougher par excellence, European Commissioner Lord  Kinnock, was on R4's Today programme this morning.

Asked why Brown is unpopular with the public he said, "I think it has a great deal to do with the way in which almost from the outset Gordon has been represented by most of the media in a most vindictive way."

Asked how Brown can cope with the “appalling handicap” of his media image he said,“I don’t think it is an appalling handicap, because it is authentic."

I 'm not sure he meant to say that - he needs to make up his mind which it is: authentic or vindictive?  Or perhaps he meant vindictively authentic; authentically vindictive?

Wordling Mandy

Wordle: Mandelson's Conference Speech 28.9.09Click to enlarge.
The word most used was 'party' followed by new, change, back, growth, government, Labour, people, public, Cameron.

Paddy Power have opened their latest ‘Brown Bingo’ betting on the first phrase the PM uses in his speech this afternoon. They make “Labour” the 2/1 favourite whilst other words include ‘recession’ at 14/1, ‘recovery’ at 16/1, ‘cuts’ at 18/1 and 'troops' at 50/1. “I would like to tender my resignation” is at 500/1. Global has to be in there as well but I couldn't find the odds on that. Difficult times, hard times, fightback. However he re-arranges the words it will be the same old formulaic twaddle we've heard before.

Interestingly, they're also offering 20/1 on Mandelson to take Brown’s place in the TV Leaders' debate which is something I was mulling over yesterday. Here's the full SP

Monday, 28 September 2009

Mandelson Video

Earlier summary

Gordon & Sarah Arrive At Conference

Pinched from Gigits

Mandelson's Speech To Conference

Hmmm. Well, if you like shouty rhetoric, self-deprecating jokes, booming emphasis and finger-wagging admonishments you would have enjoyed this speech. The audience loved it: lots of smiley faces, spontaneous applause during it and a cheery, whistling standing ovation at the end. Brown was wreathed in smiles and almost kissed him because of this sort of thing: "Gordon, I am proud to serve you in your government as you lead the fightback against this global recession and you will have my full undivided attention and my full undivided loyalty until we win the next election and beyond."

There was lots of Cameron/Osborne/Tory-mockery and one or two policy announcements. He announced the extension of the Car Scrappage Scheme for another 100,000 vehicles with all the contrivance of Simon Cowell telling a contestant to prepare for bad news and then telling them the bad news was that they were going to have to stay for another week.

He spoke of supporting Jaguar Landrover & Vauxhall and of finding new ways to fund industry: "We're going to do more to put finance at the service of industry by building up new public channels to deliver private funds to innovative and fast-growing countries...er...companies in our countries". That sounds familiar.

He talked of how the Labour Party must think of themselves as underdogs: "insurgents not incumbents". Knowledge, science, innovation, enterprise. Creative sector, bio-sciences sector, services sector, hi-tech advanced manufacturing. "There will be no cap on talent in this country...the Tories think that more means worse. We do not agree." I don't suppose the Conservatives would agree in those terms either.

That's essentially the tenor of the speech. The majority of it was given over to Tory-bashing (they eat babies doncha'know?) and self-referential jokes with a couple of sentences on aims and policy as outlined above.  It's probably a fair indication of how a General Election campaign will be run.

It was very well-received (some of the delegates had looks of rapt admiration on their faces) and, if you like that sort of thing, it was superficially steely and just what the troops needed in order to get them to put down their daggers and rally round their red rag.

(Quick Note: The Chairwoman's response: "Thank you Peter for cheering us all up.  I haven't seen Conference so happy since we arrived on Sunday."  Mandelson was followed by Brown introducing Jose Luis Zapatero, Spanish PM so, all in all, a busy afternoon.)

If it turns up on YouTube I'll post it for you.
UPDATE: Here's the full text of the speech.

Daniel Hannan Video

A bright spark has just posted this on YouTube. It's from yesterday's Politics Show and shows Jon Sopel mediating between Dan Hannan and Edward McMillan-Scott the sleazebag MEP & Vice-President of the European Council who had the Conservative Whip withdrawn when he went against the Party to run for VP. I don't think I've ever seen Dan Hannan so angry and at the end of the programme Sopel issued a brief statement on his behalf stating that he had supported Obama:

Brown Rallies [A Few Of] The Troops

Labour Party Conference Kick-Off

With thanks to Bill Quango MP for such a stylish introduction to a week that we hope will be packed with all the fun of the circus.


Of all the weeks in the year to pick at such short notice! We've got the Irish Referendum, the Labour Party Conference and the Conservative Party Conference and my boys and their girlfriends are spanning the whole two weeks. What's the betting I lose the remote in favour of Two and a Half Men and the laptop in favour of Instant Messenger?

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Lie To Me

I really enjoyed the last series, principally because of Tim Roth, a fantastic English actor who came from the same school as Gary Oldman (have you seen them together in Rosencrantz  and Guildenstern are Dead?)

Here's Gordon Brown talking to Andrew Marr:

One of the things that caught my eye (apart from the obvious one of telling the Conservatives what their policies are and the evasive answer to the question of his medication) was this verbatim exchange:
Andrew Marr: So you would accept that maybe during that big long boom when the city was roaring ahead, as a politician, as a Labour politician, you weren't paying quite enough attention.

Brown: Well, that's my point. All of us did not recognise that the world had gone so global that every bank was entangled with another and it was impossible to see the picture domestically of one institution without looking at, that everything that was happening around the world so we're not going to allow that to happen again. If I may say so I was criticised over the last twelve years for having too much regulation. The lesson is we should have had more and I accept that now."
So speaks the Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1997-2007 and the current PM. When it comes to regulation there's a difference between 'too much', 'not enough' and 'right' as many blogs dealing with the economy have already pointed out and, as many others have pointed out, Brown is a lying g!t.

Ruining A Peaceful Sunday

Usually on a Sunday I just post two things: the Round-up and the Reflection; I also have a Grand Prix post if there's one that weekend and a petition update if I remember. The past few weeks have thrown up stories in the Sundays which I couldn't help but comment on (like Mandelson's 'I'm a political whore' comments this morning).

So, sorry, but I just had to post the following pic which I came across as I searched for a general BNP blog along the independent lines of ConHome or  Bloggers4UKIP for the new section in the sidebar. Why am I now thinking of Sir Les Patterson instead of Thomas Tallis?

Just as an aside, I discovered that the BNP leadership has disassociated itself from independent online Patriot blogs - and I can see why after looking at a few.  Some of them tend to alienate rather than welcome.

Sunday Reflection

Post Of The Week

North Northwester at They're Joking, Aren't They gets my vote this week for having the wit to contrast Dante's ninth circle of hell, where sinners are entombed within ice, with the state of the country and thereby making my own brain work a little harder.
"In Hell, according to Dante, the lowest depth of the innermost circle of the Inferno is reserved for traitors.

Even the shades of those who have betrayed some duty or trust are discriminated between and graded in a diverse and degraded hierarchy of evil.

From bad to worst it goes:

Betrayers of kinsfolk;
Betrayers of polity, nation or state;
Betrayers of guests;
Betrayers of lords and benefactors."
Well worth reading in full.

Welcome to Dante's World
Click to enlarge --->

Grand Prix: Singapore 1966

Petitions Update

I haven't done an update for a while so here are the latest positions:

Campaign for an English Parliament: stuck at 392
We don't want Blair as President of the EU: 33321 
We don't want Brown as PM: 71227
Keep BFPO in Europe: 25957
Sack Baroness Scotland: 475

Sunday Round-Up

Oh b@ggery! What's the point if the mandarins driving the policies are jumping ship as well? *Un-named Darling aide quits for Osborne's office*

Giving the lie to their claim to be troughing-free:How to exploit expenses the LibDem way

Hard times in Labour's Britain: Some Brits resort to selling their kidneys

Disgraced Patricia Scotland still in office: The 10-minute interview, a forged visa and complaints to the Bar Standard Board

Drivers see their car info flashed up as it emerges the DVLA sold drivers' details for high-tech advertising campaign.

More from Major-General Andrew Mackay but no mention of the looming Army re-structuring that will see his post abolished: Asked by No.10 to delay an operation & spare potential embarrassment to the Brown, who was due to visit Afghanistan, if things went wrong.

Luvvies sign up to cut emissions but still have nowhere near the number of signatories as the petition calling on Brown to resign.

Petty politics - show me the copyright: BNP accused of 'hijacking' national symbols.

Opik's Uncle Oskar bites LibDems on the bum in sneaky rear attack.

Nothing From Cameron

I would have preferred a swift rejection of Mandelson's proposal but all we have is:
"The Tories yesterday did not rule out making an offer to Mandelson. "We are building a broad coalition but including Peter Mandelson may be stretching it,” said a Tory source."
 Baron Mandelson of Foy and Hartlepool, first secretary of state, secretary of state for business, innovation and skills, president of the Board of Trade, lord president of the council. He is also Prince of Darkness, Master of the Spin, and founder of the Grand Order of Despicable B@st@rds.

 I'd like to know who else may be thinking of 'offering their services' to any Conservative government before I commit my vote.  If the Conservatives take on board almost any Labour MP with the exception of the likes of Gisela Stuart (but that's an unlikely scenario) my vote will go elsewhere. To me there is little difference between the politician who, after 13yrs of backing an unprincipled, disreputable, authoritarian & corrupt government, decides to cross the floor when he/she sees which way the wind blows and the Party which welcomes them at the cost of diluting and blurring their own integrity.

In normal circumstances crossing the floor comes after months of soul-searching and a fundamental change of political heart but I see no evidence of that here.

Cameron: don't do deals with the devil!  Leave them to wander in the wilderness to which the British electorate will exile them at the General Election.  We don't want them.

Ye Sordid Prostitute

For the good of the country
I'm speechless; fortunately, Cromwell wasn't:
It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place, which you have dishonored by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice; ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government; ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money.

Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you? Is there one vice you do not possess? Ye have no more religion than my horse; gold is your God; which of you have not barter'd your conscience for bribes? Is there a man amongst you that has the least care for the good of the Commonwealth?

Ye sordid prostitutes have you not defil'd this sacred place, and turn'd the Lord's temple into a den of thieves, by your immoral principles and wicked practices? Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation; you were deputed here by the people to get grievances redress'd, are yourselves gone! So! Take away that shining bauble there, and lock up the doors.

In the name of God, go!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

The Dual-Mode Brimstone

You've gotta love these arms manufacturers - they never give up and they always win:

"Brimstone is a fully fire-and-forget system." Jolly good.

video link

Video and pic lifted from the Daily Mail.

Twisted Meanings Of Words

Well, one word in particular actually: honour.

We rarely hear it in public life any more; like most people I look around at public servants and wonder where the honour went. People do wrong; people move on. Not in a literal way, you understand, just symbolically. They no longer resign, they learn lessons, draw lines and ... well, move on. No honour, so where has it gone?

It's gone here. No-one's said it yet but 'light-skinned with long dark hair packed into a suitcase' means it's odds-on to be a so-called 'honour' killing.  Just like women set on fire & rolled in carpets are also going to be 'honour' killings.  And this from way back in 1994 - why was he charged with GBH rather than Attempted Murder?

It's time someone in public life stood up and made it clear there is no honour in murder and stopped using the term. Simple. Easy. Stop ascribing to it a special status it shouldn't have. 'Honour' killings have their own police investigative teams which, to a point, I can understand because it is, after all, an alien culture which chains, beats, stones and murders women so it will need some insight and understanding in order to bring the murderer before the Courts.

The Criminal Justice system needs major reform because Labour's sentencing guidelines are pathetic.  I don't care how many people it offends, I want more life sentences, more deportations, more joined-up government.  (You wouldn't think I was a Buddhist in a previous life, would you?)
The following video is the story of Behnaz Mahmoud but 'honour' killings happen to men too:

Just a very quick pernickety point but at about 0:33 in the newscaster says, "It's a term used to describe acts of violence committed against women for bringing perceived dishonour to the family." Not in my family it isn't. I think she left something out there.

"Give Me The Child...

... until the age of seven and I will give you the man."
More Obama schoolchildren singing his praises in class. No ifs, no buts, this is wrong:

I just hope this isn't an idea our Dear Leader brings to the Dept of Education or whatever it is they call it these days; I can't imagine it being tolerated over here, but then there's been a few things I'm surprised to see tolerated so who knows...? The EU already aims propaganda in schools towards our children and no-one seems to mind.

I came across another video there, "Obama's Shadow Government", which is about unaccountable 'Czars' being parachuted into government. Sound familiar? It seems that's something we may have given them. The world is coming together and we all speak the Language of the Left now.  Left-speak, nu-speak, global-speak.
H/t: American Descent

Hope Springs Eternal

Brilliant! One of the very best videos of the year so far (and there have been some really hot contenders):

With thanks to Dazed & Confused aka Hope Springs Eternal for brightening the day

It's Official, For The Moment

William Hague has set out the Conservative Party's definitive policy on the EU in today's Telegraph:
"We hope we will come to a general election with the treaty unratified, of course we do. We think it is bad for Britain in the long term and we want to give the British people their say. The assumption that it's all over now on the treaty is a rash one.  We can only have one policy at a time, you know. This is our policy in this situation. The treaty has not been ratified by all 27 nations and in that situation a Conservative government elected at the next general election will hold as an immediate priority a referendum. I have asked the Foreign Office to have a referendum bill ready immediately after the election."
So in effect, nothing's changed and we have no idea what their policy would be if the Treaty were fully ratified.  The slogan will always be "In Europe but not run by Europe" which begs the question of how far 'in Europe' they envisage.

I take Hague's point that there can only be one policy at a time and that some people consider there are more important issues than the EU, not least the economy, but going into the GE they're going to have to make it clearer, whether the Treaty is implemented or not. Before they can be sure of my vote I want to know their views on absolutely everything and I'll be getting 'up close & personal' with every policy pronouncement.

On the bright side, if Vaclav Klaus of the  Czech Republic has his way we may not have to wait to find out what the Conservatives would do; we'll be able to tell the EU ourselves.  My hopes are pinned on Klaus and the British people.

No apologies for re-posting this table which shows how the Lisbon Treaty will change competences of nations:

UPDATE: Douglas Carswell continues to ask questions in his excellent blog.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Instant Karma

Footage from 82nd Combat Division Aviation Brigade in Sthrn. Afghanistan shows bombers blowing themselves up:

Miliband's Moustache

Has anyone else noticed the fuzz on David Miliband's upper lip today? It looks as if something is definitely growing there - either that or Gordon was busy with a felt tip pen while Miliband snatched a siesta.

Named & Shamed

The Major alluded to in Michael Yon's article this morning about Camp Bastion Media Ops has been named & shamed by EU Referendum.
He is Major Ric Cole and this is what he looks like:

Let's hear it for Major Cole:

In case you haven't read Yon's account yet, this is why Major Cole gets the raspberry:
The Major and I were driving in Camp Bastion around midday when it was very hot. A British soldier ran by wearing a rucksack. He was drenched in sweat under the blazing, dusty desert. I smiled because it’s great to see so many soldiers who work and train hard. Yet the Major cut fun at the soldier, saying he was dumb to be running in that heat. I nearly growled at the Major, but instead asked if he ever goes into combat. The answer was no. And, in fact, the Major does not leave the safety of Camp Bastion.

That a military officer would share a foul word about a combat soldier who was prepping for battle was offensive. Especially an officer who lives in an air-conditioned tent with a refrigerator stocked with chilled soft drinks. Just outside his tent are nice hot and cold showers. Five minutes away is a little Pizza Hut trailer, a coffee shop, stores, and a cookhouse.

All Guns Blazing

Michael Yon, the war correspondent whose embed was summarily dismissed by the MoD, has a devastating critique of the British Media Ops in Helmand that left me open-mouthed at the revelation of blatant manipulation and censorship.  There's too much in the article to reprint but here's a very small extract:
There is the maxim that a customer can judge the cleanliness of a restaurant’s kitchen by the restroom.  After much experience in Iraq and Afghanistan, I have discovered another: Soldiers always treat correspondents they way they treat the local people.  When soldiers treat correspondents badly, they treat local people even worse and are creating enemies.  Those troops who brag about how they mistreat or detest correspondents are abusing and resentful of the local population, and they cannot win this sort of war.  The people will kill them and the media will bash them and they will blame the people and the media.  When a soldier alienates sympathetic correspondents, he has no real chance against mortal enemies such as the Taliban and al Qaeda, and they will defeat him.  Yet there is subtlety: for “the people,” in the case of Media Ops, is you.
The Major doesn’t deal with Afghans.  Afghans are not his target and it is not correspondents who are being denied access.  YOU are being denied access. YOU are resented and deceived, and people like Minister of Defence, Bob Ainsworth, wish to separate realities from readers.
Bob Ainsworth is covered in British blood and painfully deceptive. Henceforth, he will always be known as “Bullshit Bob” to me.
The full jaw-dropping article is here  where Yon goes into detail, names names and apportions blame.  What he has to say about Bollox Bob will have you cheering.
UPDATE:  This looks like being an MoD Day - Coffee House  has a report on the resignation of Major-General Andrew Mackay, the fifth officer to resign in the last two years: The commander angered Downing Street by stating that he was astonished by the lack of clear direction at the top. There was, he said, a sense of "making it up as we go along".’  They also link to a report on the disproportionate number of veterans in our prisons.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Pittsburgh According To Newsnight

"This great post-industrialist, post-modernist, mid-western city of Pittsburgh ... is more or less boarded up and most of the population have left, so that didn't go according to plan."

The G20, salting the ground wherever they go.

PS - Did anyone else notice Barack Obama introducing Gordon Brown as "The Distinguished Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, His Excellency The Right Honourable Gordon Brown?"

His Excellency? Distinguished? Has anyone informed the Monarch? Has anyone told us that Brown's been elevated?

Fecking f/wits all. Yoga class tomorrow so I thankfully won't be around to listen to this sort of uninformed rubbish. Where the heck was the Protocol Dept of the FCO?

You've Got To Laugh

No really, we mustn't grumble.

Bercow, of all people, says Mandelson has questions to answer

I'm still laughing as I type: Dear John, stop trying to defend your own position by pandering to the msm and we poor plebs, you supercilious b@stard.

UPDATE:  Speaker Bercow says MPs must be more answerable to us & take shorter holidays.   It's too late - we want a clearout/heads on pikes programme, but this might do for starters:

A Rant: Biting My Nails & Tearing Out My Hair

"It's the sort of personality driven rumour-mongering reporting that passes for journalism in this country.

"I'd much rather, if you don't mind me saying so, focus on the content of Gordon Brown and President Obama's meetings, the very serious issues that they've been sitting down and discussing," he said.

If you don't mind me saying so, Poppet, when I started this blog it was to comment on Parliament, PMQs & the EU.  I just wanted a place to dump EU .pdfs and other Westminster Parliamentary stuff online.  Then the updates and new directives kept coming thick & fast so I posted more until, eventually, here we are today, eight months on, still talking about Peter Mandelson.

Henry 11

"...a compelling call for resistance in the face of intimidation. Written against the backdrop of rising Fascism in twentieth-century Europe, Eliot’s classic verse play is as relevant now as it ever was."

Except... I think the fascists are on the verge of losing - again.  Like millions of others, my grandfather and father fought against fascism in 1914 and 1938 (Dad was in the TA).  The EU + Obama = International Socialists = fascism/communism/communitarianism/authoritarianism - call it whatever 'ism' you will it just adds up the the biggest 'ism' of  all: totalitarianism - it's the only way so many people can be controlled so easily.

Britain stood alone until 1942 against this fascism.  I don't suppose at the time people realised how momentous it was but that's often the way of life.  "Oh, bugger, don't tell me we're off to war just to defend Poland," was a cry probably heard in many British kitchens up and down the land but we went and we won with the help of our Allies at the cost of many lives.

Now we have another war - not only Afghanistan/Iraq/Pakistan/Somalia (you read it here first, folks - and watch out for The Yemen), but a home-front war against our own government, and I'm not sure where the Allies are any more:  'Europe' never was an ally; Obama's America isn't so who do we  look to if not to ourselves?  The first blow in this convoluted tale is probably against the EU.

The first step on the road back to sanity should be that unelected people like Mandelson, Vadera, Scotland, West, Sugar et al, can't be parachuted into a Life Peerage and have a say on government policy.  The Fabians and International Socialists have had over a hundred years of 'one step at a time' policies but that luxury won't be afforded to you and me.  We've almost reached the stage where something either 'is' or 'isn't': governments & their taxpayer-funded quangos and lobby groups now ask, 'do you agree with us or are you in denial'?

According to this government's lights I'm a "denier" and therefore an extremist.  Give me back my voice or I will take it back.

Fyodor Dostoevsky, Come On Down

The price is high but the political climate is once again ripe for the surrealist socialist nightmares you wrote about.

I hope Loloahi Tapui, former housekeeper to incompetent Attorney-General and ex-Home Office law-maker, Patricia, Brown-appointed unelected Baroness Scotland, managed to get her story to Max Clifford before she was arrested.

I'm going to re-tag all my posts as either 'f@cking useless' or 'not f@cking useless' because it will save me a lot of time deciding between Cockwafflers Extraordinaire, Muppets and Corruption.

Vote this shower out and vote UKIP, Libertarians, English Democrats or BNP instead - I just don't care anymore.

Baroness Scotland is still in place because she was put there by Gordon Brown, also unelected.  Whether she's paid 'her dues', ie the £5k fine, and the fact that she compared her crime to forgetting to pay the Congestion Charge is also irrelevant now.

Fact 1: She helped to draw up a bad law and piloted it through Parliament.
Fact 2: She then broke that law.
Fact 3: She has received unequal treatment before the law.
Fact 4: Her position is as untenable today as it was yesterday.
Fact 5: I'm sure they can find a suitable position for her in the EU or G20.

I could go on about honesty and integrity but, be serious, what's the point?  No-one is listening.  Not on a national level; not on an international level.   Soon they'll just be words listed in the Oxford English Dictionary as 'old English' or 'archaic'.
Guido has it - the housekeeper has gone to the tabloids so it won't be a comfortable weekend for Brown & the Baroness. Check the sidebar for Guido because Blogger is being difficult.

EU Funding: Where Some Of the £6.5bn Will Go

And that's only from Britain over the next few years.

It seems to be another EU day.  Old Holborn has been doing some digging and found an EU website which gives details of grants and funding, eg:
Classics of European Cinema in Translation, Palestine, 79000 €
Urban Councils Association of Zimbabwe Trust, 'To strengthen local democracy and dialogue through raising awareness on the importance of local governance and the value of participating in local government elections', 270000,00 Euros,
and so on.

At the moment the link is showing a blank page but keep trying or pop over to OH for updates on how some of our taxes are spent.
UPDATE: Eureka! It's back so here's my contribution:
Snowball Travels & Tours Ltd, Confidential, Nigeria, 10.000,00 euros

ps - what the heck's happening to Blogger today?  It's giving me nothing but grief.

Paving The Way

After a morning of speculation it seems the rumours reported by Andrew Sparrow are true.  Baroness Vadera of Holland Park looks set to leave government for a post with the G20.

Some are talking again of 'rats leaving a sinking ship' but I have the feeling there's more to it.  After getting a 2nd in P&E at Oxford she went into the private banking sector.   From 1999 she was one of Brown SpAds and he promoted her to government in 2007.  In order to do this he made her a life peer at the same time.  She's another of his unelected pals who owes a great deal to his patronage.

If she does go to the G20, she may be deserting Britain but she isn't deserting Brown.  I think she's going to sweeten the path for the man who saved the world and has just been honoured as World Statesman of the Year.

Move Along, Nothing To See

Some days I don't know why I bother. In common with other bloggers, I come across snippets of news that will have a profound effect on all our lives and yet they're not being taken up and debated in the msm, in fact not mentioned at all. It's impossible to fight something which is cloaked in lies; it's like fighting a will-o'-the-wisp, a Scotch Mist or a shape-shifting alien.

The latest is INDECT (Intelligent information system supporting observation, searching and detection for security of citizens in urban environment - yes, really!)  The scope of this project reveals growing governmental preference for systems capable of locking people up not for what they have done, but for what they might do. This ties in with yesterday's post on ISIS, the previous posts on the EU & the NWO plus the leaked EUISS Report also has something to say about it. (These boys do like their acronyms don't they? I've got another one for them: SNAFU).

Open Europe has been reviewing projects currently in receipt of EU funding.  They've identified INDECT as having potentially far-reaching effects for anyone living or working in Europe. The main objectives of this project, according to its own website, are:
To develop a platform for: the registration and exchange of operational data, acquisition of multimedia content, intelligent processing of all information and automatic detection of threats and recognition of abnormal behaviour or violence, to develop the prototype of an integrated, network-centric system supporting the operational activities of police officers.
In addition, it aims "to develop a set of techniques supporting surveillance of internet resources, analysis of the acquired information, and detection of criminal activities and threats."

There are two controversial aspects to this research. First is the extent of data collection and second is the proposition that law enforcement agencies  will in future be able to model potentially criminal and anti-social behaviour and therefore focus on individuals before crimes are committed.

It's all very similar to another EU-sponsored piece of research,  ADABTS  (Automatic Detection of Abnormal Behaviour and Threats in crowded Spaces). According to the website it "aims to develop models for abnormal and threat behaviours and algorithms for automatic detection of such behaviours as well as deviations from normal behaviour in surveillance data."

Brilliant!  The idiosyncracies of human behaviour are to be reduced to algorithms and monitored by computers. Suddenly, the small steps are combining and becoming 'a giant leap for mankind'.

Even I find my own views on this alarmist and extremist. We either comply or fight; I don't see any in-between option - and that scares the hell out of me.

National Requiem

Since the Prime Minister represents the country the repeated snubs by Obama and American bankers at the UN reflect on the nation too.  I suggest this as a new temporary Great British National Anthem for as long as Brown is PM:

"I'm no good at chatting up, I always get rebuffed...you will always find me in the kitchen at parties."

The Lights All Go Down In Massachusetts

This is incredible. The State of Massachusetts is about to sign into law a bill which enables the State Governor to declare a state of emergency, introduce Martial Law and forcibly quarantine adults,  lock up those who refuse to be vaccinated and separate children from their parents to vaccinate them against H1N1 Swine Flu.  It just beggars belief.  We have our own Civil Contingencies Act waiting patiently in the wings; be afraid, be very afraid:

H/t: Fausty:

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Ukraine's Got Talent

No, really!  This is a video of sand artist, Kseniya Simonova, winner of the Ukraine franchise of the show.  I found it mesmerising so thought I'd share it.  I don't think she'd go down very well with Simon Cowell though:

New Generation CCTV

Just because the technology is there doesn't mean it has to be used in this way.  ISIS = Integrated Sensor Information System:
Criteria that ISIS will look for are likely to include clothing such as hooded tops, sudden movements, odd behaviour such as moving seats and verbal aggression.  Metal detectors, motion detectors and even microphones could eventually be added to sharpen the system further.
“We have four million cameras across the country at present but their impact on anti-social behaviour is actually fairly negligible,” said Dr Paul Miller, who is part of the 50-strong team.
The computer constantly assesses the situation and if it becomes a major risk alerts a control room who can send out a verbal warning or alert officers nearby to stampout crimes before they occur.
They just don't know when to stop and we're paying a very high price in loss of privacy.   I don't recall Raymond Baxter of Tomorrow's World warning us about this.

Farage Irish Interview

UKIP's Nigel Farage (rhymes with Harwich) is interviewed about the Irish 'No' Campaign and explains what he's doing in Ireland:

Clarke On Brown

Former Home Secretary, Charles Clarke, has once again emerged from the knife drawer to give us his thoughts on what's wrong with the Labour Party and its attitude towards the next election.

Once again he calls on Brown to resign, citing grounds of ill health, in order to 'preserve his dignity'.  He overlooks the central flaw in this strategy though:  if Brown resigned on grounds of ill health he'd be very unlikely to be given one of the top EU/IMF/ECB jobs that he's so obviously positioning himself for.  The man isn't going to resign.  Full. Stop.

More Anti-Lisbon 'Propaganda'

I love this.
H/t: The Red Rag

'Like Not Paying The Congestion Charge'

Patricia Scotland is a disgrace to the office of AG and her position is untenable:

A bowl of porridge to Tory Bear
UPDATE: PPS to the Law Offices, Stephen Hesford MP, Wirral West, has resigned 'in protest'. Here's a link to his resignation letter.

Knocking Me Down With A Feather

Sometimes, words simply aren't enough. Gordon Brown has received the prestigious World Statesman of the Year Award at a glittery occasion in New York.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

For Me

3rd time around:

We all need balance - this is one of my 'comfort foods'.

How Much Longer?

How much longer must we put up with this from Mandelson?
"Crisis or no crisis we were never going to be able to sustain that continued rise in spending and investment.  And didn’t need to, given the huge catch-up that we had to undertake during that time."
How much longer must we wait until the majority of the British electorate wake up to what's happening?

Cameron, you're complicit.  You and your Party are just as culpable.  You've looked inward at how to sustain the Party, instead of outward and how to sustain the country.  You've let us down.


... I instigated campaigns I'd send a copy of this book to every MP and every immigrant, if I thought anyone cared.

In truth, I don't think they do.  The govt says it wants 'community cohesion' and 'integration' but in reality it's just hanging on by badly-bitten fingernails and hoping no-one creates a fuss.  It thinks it's on pretty solid ground because, as we all know, we English 'mustn't grumble'.  Two of our strengths are being used against us: stoicism & fortitude. Unfortunately for the Great & the Good their social engineering has made us less stoic and no-one can spell fortitude anymore. The ground is trembling because we're waking up to what's going on.  Our country is in a state of flux.

In time I suppose it won't matter: Scotland and Wales will be regions within the EU; England will be nine regions (the BBC has talked of regions rather than England for years - has no-one noticed?) and Northern Ireland will be subsumed into Ireland. Come on, you know it makes sense: let's all just roll over and make it easier for EU corporatism to straddle the world stage.  It will be a history book for my unborn grand-children to read - look on my works, ye mighty and despair, as Shelley had it.

England: off-shore prison of Euroland, the contemporary penal colony and gulag but without the human rights-violating extremes of weather posed by Siberia or Australia.  England! Green and pleasant land.  This sceptre'd isle.

"This royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle,
This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars,
This other Eden, demi-paradise,
This fortress built by Nature for herself
Against infection and the hand of war,
This happy breed of men, this little world,
This precious stone set in the silver sea,
Which serves it in the office of a wall
Or as a moat defensive to a house,
Against the envy of less happier lands,--
This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England."

Bugger Labour & this govt with their army of unelected Ministers plus a large helping of 'thanks for nothing' to 'Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition'.  Come to that, and as a lifelong Monarchist this takes some saying, 'thanks for nothing, Your  Majesty'.

We want it back; it's never too late.  Say 'No' to an army of jumped-up jobsworths; say 'No' to badly-drafted laws; say 'No' to paying arbitrary fines.   Fight, protest, demonstrate, Just Say 'No'.

The Law Of The Land

The criminal justice system is in a mess and we are not all equal under one law.

On the one hand we have an instance where a Minister is found guilty of breaking the law but allowed to keep her job and on the other we have a man who was subject to severe provocation being arrested, charged & facing a Court appearance.

Baroness Scotland 'unknowingly' employed the illegal immigrant but all she has to do is pay a £5k fine and issue  'a profuse apology' in order to keep her job. This woman is supposed to be one of the brilliant minds of govt - she's the Attorney-General fhs and she helped to draw up the law she broke. Since when did 'ignorance is no defence' actually become a legal defence and has a precedent been set?

If one of the Ministers who piloted the Asylum & Immigration Act through Parliament gets it 'unknowingly' wrong, doesn't this mean that the law is intrinsically bad and should be re-visited?  If not, I look forward to other employers similarly caught out, using the same defence.

The man made a Citizen's Arrest on one of a group of 15 louts who were making his and his wife's lives miserable and he called the police. We've heard it all before: the police turned up five (5!) days later and arrested him. Credit to him for choosing to go to Court rather than accept a police caution.

In another instance a School Dinner Lady has been sacked for telling the truth to the parents of a little girl who was whipped & bullied at school.  The school had lied to the parents about the circumstances of the girl's injuries.

The country's laws are out of kilter.

Scotland Fined

That was a quick investigation!   The Attorney-General, Baroness Scotland, has reportedly 'accepted' a £5,000 fine for employing an illegal immigrant.

Section 8, Asylum & Immigration Act
The employer is required to check and copy "certain original documents" from the employee.  However, Sky sources say Lady Scotland did not take copies of the documents shown to her by her Tongan housekeeper
It's being called 'a technical breach of employment laws' and she doesn't think it's a resigning matter. Insulting our intelligence.

However, the Home Office, which takes in the UKBA, dismissed the reports as 'pure speculation'.  From the Daily Mail:
Privately, Lady Scotland's colleagues had conceded she would have to leave her post if the Border Agency found she had failed in any of her obligations as an employer.
It looks as though her colleagues were seriously misguided if they ever thought she would resign.

Just A Thought

Written pre-coffee quota so I may be missing something here but as French riot police break up the 2,000-strong refugee camp at Calais and the British Army/MoD draws up plans to send a further 1,000 troops to Afghanistan imagine that your country is in the middle of a Civil War. Would you stand & fight for your country or would you flee to an alien culture thousands of miles away where you can live on hand-outs and protest about foreign troops in 'your' homeland?

Monday, 21 September 2009

Nil Points

A video promoting the EU from the Young European Federalists (yes, really) - and guess who's paid for it? It's hardly going to win a prize at Cannes but it may raise a smile if you can bear to come out from behind the sofa. Peering between your fingers is advised though. This, or something very similar, did the rounds the last time the Irish had a referendum so let's hope they don't have a third; I can't take any more productions like this:

Ready Or Not, Here We Come #2

Further to last night's post about discussions re changes to EU immigration law, it seems the illegals in Calais are preparing for a huge push forward to get into England tomorrow morning.  Sorry guys and gals but:

Freedom: Waving Goodbye & Disappearing Over The Horizon

Still don't believe the Surveillance State is out of control?
"However, the [Environmental] agency is also trialling a register of secret informants who report suspected waste offences in the north east of England, and eventually plans a national spy network, the Commissioner reported."

The State Funeral Of The Italian Soldiers

The six Italian soldiers killed in the Kabul suicide attack last week have been given a State Funeral and the day has been declared a National Day of Mourning in Italy.

I can't help but contrast this with what happens in the UK to our own fallen, how Ministers do everything they can to distance themselves from the funerals, and the protests at the homecoming parade of the Royal Anglians earlier this year.

Any protesters disrupting a homecoming parade for Italian soldiers would get a taste of the lynch mob and a swift dose of their own Sharia'a justice. We have an immoral and spiritually-corrupt government.

Where's Wally?

Q: As the Pound heads for parity with the Euro, again, where's Gordon?

Is he:
1. Preparing to shake Gaddafi's hand while Obama does his best to distance himself?
2. Drawing up plans for grand-standing at the Copenhagen Climate conference?
3. Mulling over holding a referendum on voting reform on the same day as a GE as a last-gasp stab in the back of the British people?

And the answer, of course, is he's doing all three. Anything but address the state of the economy.

You Put Your Left Foot In

The LibDems are happily engaged doing their own version of the hokey-cokey at Conference and it just shows that wherever any number of them are gathered together we won't have to wait too long for a display of foot-in-mouth disease.

One minute Clegg's talking of the need for savage cuts and the next he's not.

One minute he's considering watering down proposals to scrap University tuition fees  and the next, he's not.

Yesterday they came up with this gem, which I think Americans would call 'a doozy'.  In order to counter independence movements within the UK the LibDems are proposing further devolution.  Hmm... can't quite put my finger on what's wrong with that.

Today they've announced a policy for a new property tax on homes worth £1m+  which is just plain stupid and unfair.  In London, for example, a major Capital City of the world, many homes in modest areas are valued at over £1m (Muswell Hill, Crouch End etc) plus many owners of the more valuable properties are foreign and not subject to UK taxation anyway.

There's more here on scaling back govt depts, cutting NHS quangos and a public sector pay freeze.  I almost forgot Ed Davey's call for tea with the Taliban.

Mind you, Clegg isn't the only one putting his foot in it; David Cameron, in suggesting a Con/LibDem truce, has apparently said that there's "barely a cigarette paper between them" which doesn't fill me with much hope since some LibDems are as controlling as Labour.  Heir to Blair or Dick to Nick?  Cameron's got to get himself sorted out before Party Conference because what he and the speakers say will have a dramatic impact on the outcome of the GE.

The Czechs Send A Signal

Jan Fischer, the Czech Republic's caretaker PM since Topolanek's resignation, has said that President Vaclav Klaus has indicated he will refer the Treaty back to the Constitutional Court for a second time and so delay ratification for up to six months, even if the Irish vote 'Yes' on 2nd October.

This means that the Treaty has an excellent chance of not being ratified when/if Cameron's Conservatives win the GE in May, although timing is tight. The people of Britain may yet have a chance to make their voice heard democratically, through the ballot box, rather than forcefully on the streets.
Sarkozy, who helped to draw up the treaty after the French & Dutch voted against its predecessor, the EU Constitution, has warned Prague that it faces "consequences" if it does not swiftly follow an Irish "yes" with its own ratification

Asked about what could be done to persuade President Klaus to sign, he added: "It will be necessary to draw the consequences — but those will be the subject of another meeting."
Are these the words of a Little Napoleon or a Little Hitler?  If Cameron is true to his word to hold a Referendum we can expect the likes of Wallstrom, Sarkozy & Co to descend on us, as they are doing in Ireland, in order to meddle in another country's political affairs and campaign for a 'Yes' vote.   I, for one, will be ready with the green custard.

Here is a reminder of what happened in 1992 when the French voted 'No' to the Constitution and here's a current link which indicates Sarkozy's attitude to Britain, America and his own place in the world:
On Monday, he threatened to walk out of Pittsburgh if he does not get his way — a repeat of his brinkmanship at the last G20, in London in April, which he claims won a breakthrough over tax havens. This time he wants to strongarm President Obama and Gordon Brown into agreeing on a fixed, legally enforced cap on bankers’ pay. Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, is already onboard
As I said, Little Napoleon or Little Hitler?

Ready Or Not, Here We Come

The European Commission will discuss changes to European Immigration laws in order to allow asylum-seekers entry to Britain  "at their earliest convenience".  There are roughly 2,000 at the camp in Calais at the moment, all wanting to come to Britain and if the changes are adopted then Britain will have no say in immigration control.
"There should be a solidarity within the EU over asylum.  National solutions to the problem are not viable."
The remarks were made to a French newspaper by Jacques Barrot, Europe Justice Commissioner and the proposals will be discussed by European interior ministers today.

Did I hear Heath, Wilson, Callaghan, Thatcher, Major, Blair & Brown say vetos, opt-outs, red lines?  Or what about the other favourite: In Europe but not run by Europe?  Here's a pic of the man who isn't planning on living in Hackney, Bradford or down-town Luton:

(If he ever ventures to Glasgow, be sure and give him a kiss from me).

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Taliban Appeasement

Ed Davey, LibDem spokesman for Foreign Affairs, adds his voice to others who say it's time for 'tea with the Taliban' Why not? I'm sure they're all reasonable people, once you get to know them:

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