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Monday, 7 September 2009

83.42% want Shahid Malik Out

Up in Dewsbury, constituency of Shaid Malik MP, the local paper has an interesting poll:

The Press Polls
Will you vote for Shahid Malik in the next general election?
x No way
x Of course
x Undecided

At the moment voting stands at:
Total 392 votes cast.
No way 83.42%
Of course 13.01%
Undecided 3.57%

That's encouraging - on those figures I look forward to him being decisively squashed in the General Election, when it comes.

Not only an MP with questions hanging over him following the expenses revelations (do you remember the £730 massage chair?), Malik is also the Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Communities & Local Government. Here's a re-post of an earlier vid plus two others which have done the rounds before in which he talks about UK aid to Muslim countries, calls for more Muslim MPs and foresees a Muslim Prime Minister:


  1. What's thed betting that, after the next GE, the total number of Muslim MPs is zero?

  2. Ohh and Edgar I reckon you will be quite right.

  3. I'm not sure - not even 400 votes, and the area has a high proportion of muslims - the only reason one would be chosen in the first place, even the tories put up Warsi in 05 (she who was rewarded for this loss with a peerage)

    And what does this teach you, Edgar - if we don't get any MPs, we'll get life peers!

  4. There's too much hanging over this man and he doesn't deserve to be re-elected but, as Tarquin says, this is Dewsbury we're talking about.


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