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Thursday, 3 September 2009

al-Megrahi Backlash Continues

The fiasco surrounding the release of al-Megrahi continues on both sides of the Atlantic and the people are now being conflated with politicians. An editorial in the New York Daily News says:
"It is Gordon Brown who has given grounds to believe that today's British are a cowardly, unprincipled, amoral and duplicitous lot .  Because he is all of those."
They're half right: Brown is cowardly, unprincipled, amoral and duplicitous but I think it's overkill to tar a whole nation with the same brush.

The editorial continues:
"Can he remain in power having been revealed as at least complicit in an atrocious miscarriage of justice and breach of faith? That will be up to the Brits, but on this side of the Atlantic it is inconceivable that an elected official would have a snowball's chance after sanctioning an oil-for-terrorist deal.

"Surely Brown can hardly survive the revelation that his government assured Libya that the prime minister did not want the Lockerbie bomber to die in prison... As for the "special relationship" between the US and Britain, the storied alliance built on the resolve of World War II and carried on through Thatcher and Blair, through Iraq and Afghanistan: It is, in a word, gone.

"Brown's maneuverings to get into the good graces of Libyan mass murderer Moammar Khadafy broke the bond between America and the Blessed Plot beyond his ability to repair it. That work will fall to someone else, someone who values human life more than commercial expediency, someone who is stalwart rather than a sneak, someone true to his pronouncements."
I think the bond between America and Britain goes back much further than WW2; it reaches back to the Pilgrims and the Mayflower and nothing, not even our unscrupulous Prime Minister, can break that bond, though, God knows, the Labour left have always done their best.

Elsewhere in the same paper, they're running a poll which makes unpleasant reading:

Do you believe the Anglo-American alliance will survive the latest political storm?
Yes. The bond between the two nations is strong = 48%
No. What Gordon Brown did was unforgivable = 52%

Brown, his government and the Labour Party have long been a national liability and now we're being painted as international pariahs, ready to sell our collective soul to the devil in exchange for lucrative business contracts.
Further links:
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Finally, this video from Fox News:


  1. GV

    "Cowardly, unprincipled, amoral and duplicious"

    For one moment I thought you were writting a eulogy for Ted Kennedy - LOL


  2. Yes, I suppose it could apply to any number of politicians BigD. But, Brown is really suffering from a poor US press at the moment :)


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