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Monday, 7 September 2009

*Alan Duncan Sidelined*

Via LBC.  Alan Duncan has been demoted.   Will no longer sit in Shadow Cabinet.  More soon.
UPDATE: Just up on Sky:

Duncan has been moved from shadow Leader of the House of Commons to shadow justice minister.

Duncan said of his new move: "This is a sensible decision.  You have to be realistic about how difficult the expenses issue has been.  What matters most is winning the election and David Cameron becoming the Prime Minister.  I don't want to be a brake on that by making a difficult issue more problematic. I am very happy to get stuck into another job."

Cameron said: "I'm grateful for Alan's work as Shadow Leader of the House and I'm sure he will continue to make a valuable contribution as Shadow Justice Minister."

 Duncan's new role gives him responsibility for prisons. It means he will not now sit in the shadow cabinet.  His successor will be announced on Tuesday.


  1. He should be IN one, not in charge of them!

  2. He seems to have taken it with good grace Sue - he was probably expecting it after his Summer of Gaffes. He's been coming across as lightweight and frivolous so I'm not sure what he can bring to prisons.


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