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Saturday, 12 September 2009

The Art Of Disinformation

There's more coverage of the EDL protest in Harrow but you really have to pick it apart to get anywhere near the truth.

According to the EDL website the protest was called off: "We would like to state that none of our members were present at todays attempted peaceful protest."  It seems though that fewer than twenty turned up and had to have police protection against 'a thousand young Muslims' whom the police could not control.  Stop Islamification of Europe (SIOE) also posted a message: "If you are on your way to the demo, don't go, it's being called off right now. The police can't handle the Muslim counter-demonstrators. The senior sergeant said that he doesn't want any of his policemen killed."

So, who was arrested for possession of offensive weapons including a hammer, a chisel and bottles of bleach?  Who was responsible for throwing bricks, bottles and firecrackers at police? Well, it wasn't any of the guys in this video.

According to the media and  John Denham, the Communities Secretary, we're heading for 1930's fascism and the name of Oswald Mosley keeps cropping up in relation to the Cable Street riots.  Talk about inflaming a situation.

We seem to be in the middle of a disinformation firestorm at the moment.  All the reports would have you believe that it's the EDL and SIOE causing the trouble yet videos show only Muslim youngsters and members of the UAF hurling bricks and abuse.  The handful of EDL supporters  had to be coralled, protected or removed to avoid escalation.  Television reports speak of clashes but the only clashes were between the UAF /Muslim youngsters and the police.

Why are the police not capable of facilitating peaceful protest?
Why are they letting a thousand Muslim youngsters run riot on the streets?
Why does David Cameron support the UAF?
Why is the media blaming 'right-wing, anti-Islamic' demonstrators?
Why has the msm taken the EDL's original slogan of 'against Islamic extremism' and morphed it into 'anti Islam'?

A police spokeswoman, Supt Julia Pendry ,said, "It is completely unacceptable for people to use the excuse of protest to break the law and behave in this way."  She should be clearer which faction she's talking about - does she mean the handful of EDL protestors who were corralled in shop doorways for their own protection or the Muslim and UAF thugs who ran riot on the streets attacking the police?

This is what SIOE UK posted on their website:

1. As with previous SIOE demonstrations, political parties are banned.
2. Any racist chanting, banners and placards will result in immediate ejection of the perpetrators from the demo.
3. Totalitarian symbols such as nazi swastikas, communist hammer and sickles, Islamic star and crescent, UNLESS CLEARLY CROSSED OUT OR DEFACED WITH A STOP SIGN.


1. Approved anti-sharia and anti-Islamisation chants, banners and placards will be permitted.
2. English, Welsh, Scottish, N. Irish, national flags, European national flags, certain other national flags will be permitted and encouraged.
3. Certain other flags representing communities struggling against Islamic colonisation such as Papua New Guinea and Biafra will be permitted.
4. Certain civil rights flags, banners and placards will be encouraged provided they are displayed within the no-sharia context of the demonstration.

Speakers using hand held megaphones will address the gathering. Names of speakers will be provided to the police prior to the demonstration. Speeches must be approved by the organisers.

Approved groups such as the English Defence League, British Citizens Against Muslim Extremists, March for England, For a Democratic and Secular Iran, will join the demonstration and the police will be notified as to which groups will attend as soon as such participation has been confirmed.

Stewards will be provided. Banners, placards and speeches will be shown to the police prior to the protest starting if requested."
Who are the fascists?
UPDATE: Norton Folgate says it all: "The police are more than capable of dealing with a mob that size, it's just the spineless fuckers higher up are shit scared of the repercussions from having to say NO to militant islam and be seen denting a few muslim skulls in the process."


  1. My big question is WHY? What is it that makes the Government side with this culture and seek to destroy the endemic historic natural order of a once proud Country?

  2. Authoritarianism? Islam and this labour govt have much in common.

  3. There's a video on You tube now, and through their own crass stupidity, the far left give the game completely away. You can actually count off the number of S.I.O.E. protesters ONE BY ONE and they're completely hemmed in by police. From this, I'll let you decide for yourself who was to blame for any violence that ensued.

  4. Oldrightie, as far as i am concerned it is because they are they only people left in this country prepared to vote for this current shower of shite and that is only because they are appeased at every turn.

    Calling England, thanks for the mention.

  5. Interesting link D&C - the comments are unbelievable though.
    You're welcome NF - I reckon you're right.

  6. The thing that is more chilling than the fact that the Muslims (aided by the police) have now taken control of our streets is the way that the media report it - or don't report it more like.

  7. Agreed JPT - that's the message I was trying to get across in the post & others I've written; there's been lots of dishonest reporting not just about these clashes.

  8. Loony left UAF hippes - guilty as charged! They showed WHAT THEY ARE REALLY LIKE!


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