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Thursday, 10 September 2009

The Best Fisk

This has to be one of the most reasoned posts on the journalist Farrell, patsy Brown, 'outraged' negotiators and the loss of life in the SAS rescue.  It's from a blog I've never read before (mainly because I rarely stray into SNP-land) but will from now on: Fitaloon at MicroShaft.

The Times had two stories, here and here, last night on the rescue of Stephen Farrell, journalist for the New York Times and the deaths of his translator, a member of the UK Special Forces and two Afghan Civilians.
Both articles make but a passing mention of the sad deaths, but look more at how we can apportion “blame” for the rescue. The Times also mentions that the Taliban were also on the receiving end of a large hit as it says: ... ... The Times tells us in the headlines of the first article that Gordon Brown ordered the raid when in fact as they immediately say in  the article: ... ...
Well worth reading the article in full; it's short, to the point and not very sweet.

UPDATE: Well, I did say I hadn't read the blog before so thank you to SR for pointing out that Fitaloon is 'True Blue' and not SNP.


  1. Haven't you read that young man's blog before GV? Shame on you! He does a good job and takes lovely photos too. Have a look at one of his posts from yesterday.

  2. Oh GV, Fitaloon's a true blue Tory not a supporter of the SNP or independence. Mind you, he's friendly even with that flaw. :)

  3. Then I'd better print a retraction quickly before I get a Glasgow kiss. Thanks SR.

  4. sr not quite right a Tory but who doesn't care too much about independence as he doesn't think it will be that bad for Scotland. Can't be worse than being ruled from England!

  5. Better a Glasgow kiss than a Dundee kiss!!


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