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Friday, 11 September 2009

The Bomb Plotter & The Foster Child

Haringey, that bastion of child protection sent a child to live with convicted terrorist ringleader Abdulla Ahmed Ali.

The child was with the family at the time of Ali's arrest and only removed after the event.
Haringey may have even unwittingly supplied Ali with an element of camouflage for the plot - and risked the child being murdered with his other would-be victims.
According to evidence at the trial, Ali and his co-conspirators discussed taking children on board the flights to allay the suspicions of security staff.
It is not clear whether the Haringey foster child was among the children he proposed to use.
Useless b@stards.  The whole department needs a clear-out from top to bottom with new guidelines & new staff put in place.  Haringey Social Services is institutionally f*ckwitted.

It's ironic that this should come to light on the same day that the govt's Vetting & Barring Scheme goes live - see previous post.


  1. yes they don't seem to do anything right.

  2. Not from our point of view they can't ER. They're either too heavy-handed or not decisive enough but I think we have to accept that they know what they're doing and aren't completely incompetent. Deals are being done, countries are being stitched up for the sake of a seat on the board of the NWO.


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