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Saturday, 5 September 2009

By The Pricking Of My Thumbs

Something wicked this way comes:

Muammar Gaddafi: "You were on the table in all commercial, oil and gas agreements that we supervised in that period. You were on the table in all British interests when it came to Libya, and I personally supervised this matter. Also, during the visits of the previous prime minister, Tony Blair.”

Saif Gaddafi: “Frankly, we did a lot of work, secret and public, which involved all parties and took years. The work was constant to get your release.”

Mandelson: "The idea that the British government and the Libyan government would sit down and somehow barter over the freedom or the life of this Libyan prisoner and make it form part of some business deal .... it's not only wrong, it's completely implausible and actually quite offensive,"

Brown: "There was no conspiracy, no cover-up, no double-dealing, no deal on oil, no attempt to instruct Scottish ministers, no private assurances by me to Colonel Gaddafi."

Straw:  "Yes, [it was] a very big part of that. I'm unapologetic about that … Libya was a rogue state."We wanted to bring it back into the fold. And yes, that included trade because trade is an essential part of it and subsequently there was the BP deal."
More here.

The Times also has this:
Richard Paniguian: “There have been high-level political interventions, often behind the scenes, in places like Libya, Oman, India and Algeria,” the head of UKTI DSO said. “The key here is consistent support over time, delivered at key points in a campaign.”

The behind-the-scenes manoevrings have also paved the way for British arms sales to Libya. Arms sales?   To Libya?  I despair at the collective loss of marbles displayed by the British establishment.  It should be noted though that: "Mr Straw’s office said that it had no record of such contact, even though the firm has strong links to his Blackburn constituency."

March 2004 Tony Blair visits Libya to seal its re-entry into the international community. Shell signs oil exploration contract. EU lifts arms exports ban later.
May 2007 Blair visits again and agrees prisoner transfer plan. BP signs near-billion-dollar oil deal with Libya.
October-December 2007 Jack Straw is lobbied by BP over prisoner deal; decides he cannot exempt al-Megrahi because of UK’s “overwhelming interests”.
May 2008 Libya ratifies BP deal.
May 2009 Libya applies for al-Megrahi’s transfer.
August 2009 Scottish government rejects application for transfer, citing decade-old deal betwen UK and US that he serve sentence in Britain. Instead, it releases him on compassionate grounds.

Whatever it is that's going on it isn't for the benefit of the people, nor is it in the long-term interests of peace and stability in the world.


  1. Behind the tent, sat in a luxurious limo fitted with tv and sound of the canvas consortium goings on, is Lord Baron de Rothschild!

  2. Hoisted on their own petard?

  3. Also known as 'coming back to bite them on the bum'.


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