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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Davies Blots His Copybook

Oh dear! Peter Davies, the recently-elected English Democrat Mayor of Doncaster got off to a good start in office but seems to have crossed the line with his remarks about learning from the Taliban.

He's rightly been condemned for his latest comments that under the Taliban, Afghanistan had an 'ordered system of family life'.
'The one thing that can be said about the Taliban is that they do have an ordered society of some sort and that they don't have hundreds of cases of children under threat of abuse from violent parents as we do in Doncaster.'
What's got into the man?  Beatings, floggings, executions, rape, no education, no music, no books - yes, that'll keep the kids in line!  Invoking the name of the Taliban in an attempt to highlight failures in the welfare system and lax family discipline is not the way to go.


  1. Yes... the Tykes gone Tonto, unless of course, it's a smear tactic .

  2. "If you don't tidy your hovel now, You'll be sent off on a holy Jihad mission".

    Yep, the violence of threats in an Islamic cess pit, remove any need for bleeding heart Social workers.

  3. I think it was a misjudged tactic on his part, trying to shock in order to bring attention to something. Well he shocked alright but not for the reasons he hoped! He's got a lot to learn about the way he uses words.

  4. To be fair to Peter Davies, he did say "the one thing that can be said about the Taliban..."

  5. It was a stupid thing for him to say. Of course, instead of just admitting that, which would cool everything down and make him look a fool for a day, he tried to justify it.

    Thus, it will follow him for ever.

    Stupid thing to say. And handled badly.

  6. Agreed Edgar. The word 'Taliban' threw whatever constructive he had to say out of the window.


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