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Friday, 4 September 2009

Gordon Brown's Statement On Afghanistan

First of all a very dapper chap with trendy glasses and a strange, unplaceable accent did the intro and spoke the fine words we've all become accustomed to (preposition, I know).

After two minutes of whoever-he-was, Sky cut away to show us what the top stories have been online (yawn).  'In reverse order, in 5th place, with 6% of the votes is.....'    Everything's so melodramatic these days, huge fanfare announcements about nothing of any substance while the real issues, the real problems, aren't even acknowledged.  For example:

Come out in sympathy, says Boris. Fuck off, Boris, says I.
The man who's a woman but not really wins Appeal to be moved to a women's prison I bet all those girlies with the nail clippers will love him in the showers.
Britain's Ambassador for schools in Europe sacked over child porn.  I didn't know we had one. Schools in Europe my eye and BM.
NATO's air strike leaves an estimated 90 dead. A cock-up of biblical proportions on someone's part.  I guess NATO didn't factor in the propensity for thieving among a starving, impoverished, third-world civilian population.

Brown's at the lectern now and first of all I'm struck by the fact that his SpAds have had no success at all changing a pig's ear into a silk purse.  To turn his words to Blair back on to him: There is nothing you can say to me now that I will ever believe.

So far, it's just expressions of gratitude, forgetting people's names, stuttering over Wootton Bassett.  Now he's invoking the Armed Forces and the dead servicemen, recalling their resilience.

One thing I did pick up on though was his comment that, "The allies want Afghan troops to be more involved."  I bet they do, because 'the Allies' aren't going to put up their own troops for this Game are they, Gordon?   Since when did 'Europe' rescue itself or go to the aid of another country?  'Europe' has only ever waged war.  As usual (yes, beat me about the head with sticks, I don't care) it's left to the Aussies, Canadians, what's left  of the Commonwealth, the Americans and British Forces to sort out the shit the rest of the world poops out.  Polish & Estonian servicemen have died too while the Germans and the French sit way behind the al-Maginot line serving soupy platitudes and words of encouragement.

God, I loathe the hypocrisy and double-dealing of politicians.  I'm sure other nation's soldiers have died in this shamocracy and I apologise if I haven't mentioned you, but I'm just an angry little bear of very little brain - if you've been following my blog for any length of time this would be apparent to you!

Brown's now talking about teenagers who've lost their lives: "These young men we have got to thank for their service to their country."  I despise this b@st@rd who can't even string together a grammatically correct sentence; this man who finds it so easy to change his words to suit the big-occasion-media-fest of his pronouncements but never lives up to them.

Says one thing; does another - a true Fabian.   "It is right ; it is right ; it is right ..."

Thankfully my sky+ didn't record past the hour.
Here's the full text of his speech.


  1. "...an angry little bear of very little brain." that's being hard on yourself, GV. The real bears of little brain spend all of their time in eager anticipation of series 143 of Big Bollox [Applause, Applause], or informing people, who have no need to know, just exactly where they are and what they are doing, by means of the self-inflicted, portable bugging system known as the 'mobile phone'.

  2. You know, guys, we jusy might be forming a nice little influential grouping! Great stuff and not from a little brain GV, that's mine!

  3. We're all angry little blogging bears.
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