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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

An Important Speech By Cameron

List lifted from Conservative Home:

* each and every quango having to justify its existence
* every item of government spending over £25,000 to be published online
* all public sector salaries over £150,000 to be published online
* opposing new MPs getting a final salary pension scheme
* getting rid of the £10,000 yearly ‘Communications Allowance’ that every MP gets
* abolishing Regional Assemblies
* scrapping the Standards Board for England
* reducing the number of MPs by 10%
* Ministerial salaries will be cut by an immediate five percent, but on top of that, those salaries will be frozen for the lifetime of the next Parliament - "That means a further pay cut when inflation is taken into account and a saving of over a quarter of a million pounds a year for the taxpayer".
* Taxpayers’ cash will no longer subsidise politicians' food and drink, with the cost of food and drink in Parliament "being increased to match the prices normal people pay in cafes, restaurants and bars around the country". That will, he said, save £5.5 million.
* The budget for official government cars will be cut by a third. He said: "There are times when having a car to hand which gets a minister to a certain place on time is absolutely vital to our democratic process – for example, to make a vote in the House of Commons, or to meet a foreign dignitary or open a school. But there is no need for 171 of these cars to be on hand for every government minister, whip – and indeed, myself."
* Public sector bodies will be stopped from hiring consultants to lobby politicians, to save £10 million a year.
* He also demanded that the Electoral Commission must be run more efficiently, saying it had overreached its role "with advertising campaigns and wasteful marketing initiatives" and that under the proposed quango review, "we will identify all the unnecessary functions it has assumed and see what savings we can make for the taxpayer".
* A Conservative Government would also demand that the Parliamentary authorities must cut costs by ten per cent, banking the taxpayer £50 million.

Not bad as far as it goes but I can only assume there's much more to come because there's a glaring omission here: the UK's contribution to the coffers of the EU.  Our net contribution to the EU budget is set to rise by nearly 60% next year  from the current £4.1bn  to £6.4bn. The cost to each British household will be approximately £260 for the year.
UPDATE: Here's the video:


  1. I agree with you: it isn't bad as far as it goes. Trouble is it doesn't go far.

    Every quango will spend thousands of pounds 'justifying its existence'. Expect a load of glossy brochures and TV adverts.

    There simply should not be any public sector salary over £150,000. What can one person do that is worth £3000 per week, every week?

    I could go on.

    I agree about your point on the EU, principally though because I think we should be out of it all together. However, many households don't contribute tax, so the actual cost to households that do pay tax is more likey to be around £500.

    £10 a week is all you pay to support an authoritarian organisation that is trying to turn the continent into a Marxist super-state? Not too bad, really.

  2. You forget that three themes are ring fenced:

    1. The NHS
    2. Foreign Aid
    3. EU Spending

    This is Cameron, numpty, he wont rock the boat.


  3. I didn't realise he'd actually come out and said the Cons would ring-fence EU spending so thanks for that 13th.
    If Cameron lets Redwood become more involved things might improve Edgar - he (&Carswell) have some quite radical thoughts which I'm all in favour of. If Cameron doesn't go far enough I might find this blog taking up more of my time with a Cons. govt.

  4. Hmm now that you say it, I do not think he actually has. It seems to be the general mood over att ConHome and I believe Tim Montogomerie said he would (desperately trying to find link).

    But yeah come to think of it I do not think he has explicitly stated that he is going to ringfence it. Then again if he did it would literally mean the finger to Brussels - not likely from Call-me-Dave.

  5. Good gist - but that's all this is, implying the conservatives will make the right decisions - which these are, but they're also tiny and pretty weak - he's cashing in on the contempt for politics and hasn't said anything about the EU/trident/government services - none of this affects employment or the economy

    so keep it coming Dave..


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