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Thursday, 3 September 2009

Is It Time For A Moratorium On Immigration?

Jacques Barrot, the EU commissioner for 'freedom, security and justice' (don't you just love those pompous job titles?), has said that under the Joint Resettlement Programme Britain "and other EU countries" must accept more refugees.
The commissioner said the EU accepted around seven per cent of the 65,596 UN refugees resettled around the world last year. A further 203,000 UN refugees are in urgent need of new homes.

He claimed the number coming to Europe “contrasts sharply with the numbers taken in by many other countries in the industrialised world, particularly the US, Canada and Australia”.

A statement from the European Commission said the refugee plans aimed “to increase the humanitarian impact of the EU by ensuring that it gives greater and better targeted support to the international protection of refugees through resettlement”.
How on earth can this country's creaking infrastructure cope with more immigration?  If England was a wheelie bin it would look like this:


  1. A moratorium definitely, just so long as there's no amnesty for those here illegally.

  2. There are peaceful countries in Africa they could settle in, why does the Western World have to take them? We're all creaking with overpopulation as it is!!!

  3. It's time for a complete end to the insanity of mass immigration.

  4. When I was growing up there used to be a saying: Crime doesn't pay. You don't hear it very much these days. I'm all for no amnesty for illegals.

    You won't be surprised to hear I agree with all your points above - I'm looking forward to Nigel Farage taking on Bercow (and, hopefully, winning), then we'll see the cat among the pigeons.

  5. Pay off our MPs to allow immigration who then pay off our MPs to allow immigration who then pay off their MPs to allow immigration who then change the whole place to suite themselves and then we'll be dead.

    I think that's called rabid colonialism.

    Note the key weakness in their strategy. The MPs.

    Follow my rigourous voting method at the next election and we'll be kicking them out and putting a great big phekking halt to the EU no matter what Eire does!!

    Heads up.

  6. Just a quick query to INCOMING!!!!!

    If there is INCOMING!!!!! shouldn't we be keeping our heads down?

  7. No Edgar,

    Heads down is when we're under sniper fire.;-)


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