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Saturday, 26 September 2009

It's Official, For The Moment

William Hague has set out the Conservative Party's definitive policy on the EU in today's Telegraph:
"We hope we will come to a general election with the treaty unratified, of course we do. We think it is bad for Britain in the long term and we want to give the British people their say. The assumption that it's all over now on the treaty is a rash one.  We can only have one policy at a time, you know. This is our policy in this situation. The treaty has not been ratified by all 27 nations and in that situation a Conservative government elected at the next general election will hold as an immediate priority a referendum. I have asked the Foreign Office to have a referendum bill ready immediately after the election."
So in effect, nothing's changed and we have no idea what their policy would be if the Treaty were fully ratified.  The slogan will always be "In Europe but not run by Europe" which begs the question of how far 'in Europe' they envisage.

I take Hague's point that there can only be one policy at a time and that some people consider there are more important issues than the EU, not least the economy, but going into the GE they're going to have to make it clearer, whether the Treaty is implemented or not. Before they can be sure of my vote I want to know their views on absolutely everything and I'll be getting 'up close & personal' with every policy pronouncement.

On the bright side, if Vaclav Klaus of the  Czech Republic has his way we may not have to wait to find out what the Conservatives would do; we'll be able to tell the EU ourselves.  My hopes are pinned on Klaus and the British people.

No apologies for re-posting this table which shows how the Lisbon Treaty will change competences of nations:

UPDATE: Douglas Carswell continues to ask questions in his excellent blog.


  1. It is good to see someone still believing in the grand old tories. I have given up, my vote goes to UKIP regardless of the scaremongering "any vote but a Tory vote is a Labour vote" - fuck of at least we have principles.

  2. I'm with 13th, too. I will not vote for any party committed to staying in Europe in any way whatsoever.


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