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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Law Of The Land

The criminal justice system is in a mess and we are not all equal under one law.

On the one hand we have an instance where a Minister is found guilty of breaking the law but allowed to keep her job and on the other we have a man who was subject to severe provocation being arrested, charged & facing a Court appearance.

Baroness Scotland 'unknowingly' employed the illegal immigrant but all she has to do is pay a £5k fine and issue  'a profuse apology' in order to keep her job. This woman is supposed to be one of the brilliant minds of govt - she's the Attorney-General fhs and she helped to draw up the law she broke. Since when did 'ignorance is no defence' actually become a legal defence and has a precedent been set?

If one of the Ministers who piloted the Asylum & Immigration Act through Parliament gets it 'unknowingly' wrong, doesn't this mean that the law is intrinsically bad and should be re-visited?  If not, I look forward to other employers similarly caught out, using the same defence.

The man made a Citizen's Arrest on one of a group of 15 louts who were making his and his wife's lives miserable and he called the police. We've heard it all before: the police turned up five (5!) days later and arrested him. Credit to him for choosing to go to Court rather than accept a police caution.

In another instance a School Dinner Lady has been sacked for telling the truth to the parents of a little girl who was whipped & bullied at school.  The school had lied to the parents about the circumstances of the girl's injuries.

The country's laws are out of kilter.


  1. Simply put, abuse of power is rife.

    There needs to be a culling and reckoning on those cowards who have no sense of proportion or justice. Unfortunately they are in charge. Election day will have a few scores to settle.

  2. Agreed, abuse of power is rife, Votr. There are so many of them though that culling hardly seems proportionate; they need rooting out and never allowed to hold political office, anywhere, again. The GE has all the potential for a metaphorical bloodbath and I really hope the electorate turn out en masse and give MPs who deny natural justice a bloody nose.

  3. What profuse apology was that? What I heard was a very qualified apology for failing to make a photocopy, not a full and unreserved apology for breaking the law.

    She also told outright lies on the BBC.

  4. Ollie - that's shameful product placement!

  5. Bring on that election - people must be so pissed off by now that they will turn out in droves and completely massacre Labour.....surely?!

  6. Yes, I get it Spider. I'm as angry as you. - the questions in the blog are rhetorical. I'm just asking people to think for themselves, that's all.


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