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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Miliband, The EU & The BNP

In today's Daily Mirror David Miliband uses the anniversary of the 1939 German invasion of Poland  to write trite shite.  According to him, the European Union was borne of a sincere desire for lasting "peace and security" and is "a victory for co-operation".   He sets out 5 of the benefits:
With 500 million consumers, the EU single market helps support three million British jobs. Flights are cheaper, holidays are longer. But the EU also leads on climate change. It organises counter-piracy naval work off Somalia. And the big challenges of the modern world need more, not less, international co-operation.
I suppose this is the sort of benefit he means.  He continues:
Poland is the country my mother came from, fleeing tyranny and finding a welcoming home in Britain. Poles are proud of their history, heritage and national identity.  But they rightly see no conflict between pride in their country and wanting to be part of European co-operation. Nor should we.
Apparently she entered Britain in 1950, but there's no mention of his Belgian father, Adolphe, who fled Belgium at the age of 16 with his father, Sam, leaving behind his mother and sister.   Adolphe and Sam entered Britain illegally on forged papers.  Granddad Sam, a Polish Jew, had been a member of the Soviet's Red Army in the Polish-Soviet War, 1919-1921, before he settled in Brussels with Grandma Renee. Does anyone have any theories why a Polish Jew would fight with the Red Army against Poland?  No wonder Sam and Renee fled to Belgium.   Here's what Miliband's father wrote in his 1940 diary:
""The Englishman is a rabid nationalist . They are perhaps the most nationalist people in the world ... When you hear the English talk of this war you sometimes almost want them to lose it to show them how things are. They have the greatest contempt for the continent in general and for the French in particular. They didn't like the French before the defeat: (1) because they don't have order, (2) because they talk too much, (3) because they change their ministers every month, etc. Since the defeat, they have the greatest contempt for the French Army ... England first. This slogan is taken for granted by the English people as a whole. To lose their empire would be the worst possible humiliation".
And again in 1940, talking about the bombed-out Jewish area of East London:
"Everywhere ... you see misfortune and devastation weighing people down. When you see them you almost feel ashamed to live in a relatively quiet area. Shame and indignation and fury ... You ask yourself: how can they live like this and how could they have lived like this until now. It is the East End ... the shame of their civilisation, the permanent condemnation of their system ... But a twenty minute bus ride away, there is the parliament, rich, flanked by its church, near Buckingham Palace".
So, I think we can grasp the politics of his father Adolphe (Ralph) Miliband.

Meanwhile, back at the Mirror, young David gets to the real point of his vacuous nonsense, another sideswipe at the BNP:
There is another lesson, too. Extremists like the BNP oppose what Europe stands for - it goes against their xenophobia and hatred. They are out of step with modern Britain.  It is easy to be daunted by today's problems.  But our parents and grandparents faced a far greater threat 70 years ago.  They rose to the challenge. We should take courage from their example.
How dare he invoke my father's memory in support of policies and an EU which would have been anathema to him?  My father, survivor of the North Africa & Italy campaigns, a Labour man all his life, loathed the EU and all it represented.  If he were alive today there's no doubt which party he would be supporting - and it wouldn't be Miliband's Labour.  He's right on one thing though: we should also rise to the challenge and take courage from their example.

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  1. What an utter load of cretinous awfulness Labour has become. I've always had a grudging respect for the old Labour movement whose original aims were very laudable. Sadly they were hi-jacked by The Mandleson and Blair types, for their own ends. Give me a toff any day. At least they do not wear their hypocrisy on their sleeve!

  2. Typical NaZoviet doublespeak you'll find that the constant in all these freak's behaviour is the wish for NOAHide laws.

    They thought going commie would do it for them, then they tried Naziism, when that all went pear shaped they started undermining the West seriously.

    All Obama's crap is NOAHIDE, the EU is NOAHide.

  3. Forgot to add in my apoplectic state that I touched on this last month.


    Heads up.

  4. Meet the new boss - complacent, utterly self-satisfied, immune to ideas and upheld by ideology and the work of others. Same as the old boss, but worse. A true aristocrat in the old sense of the horseback conquerors who subjugated the British for many generations - and not a sight of noblesse oblige to soften it. The millibands of this world don't lead their troops to war - they send them.

  5. Thanks for the link Incoming! x7 but I'm numbed by conspiracy theories at the moment though I can just about go along with deep cover. Nicely put NNW: there's nothing egalitarian about the Milibands of this world. And OR? I've never had time for Labour, not in all my years of voting. They're elected on a fraudulent premise - one that all men can be made equal.

  6. Is he having a laugh? He must be the worst excuse for a politician since the days of Hindenburg!

    "EU single market helps support three million British jobs. Flights are cheaper, holidays are longer"

    The only good fucking thing he can think of, in a bloody, ESSAY (when he could have googled biased EU accounts of what is good with its existence) is that flights are cheaper?!

    And people are still voting for these twats... amazing.

  7. Yes, 13th, that's what gets me too - the fact that Miliband wholeheartedly supports the concept of the EU but singled out those 5 things - mind you, it was for the DM and he probably reckons that's what they care about most - like those who witter on about wanting the euro because it saves them the bother of changing money when they're on holiday.


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