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Sunday, 20 September 2009

Neil Skewers Cable

If you'd like to see the latest edition of Straight Talk where Andrew Neil takes Vince Cable to task and ties him up in knots, click here for the video. I have to say that, since I think Cable's reputation as an economic guru is unwarranted, I found it particularly enjoyable.


  1. I've just downloaded that to watch later, GV. Can you work out what Cable means in relation to Osborne's revelation that Labour were secretly planning to add 3p to the basic rate of tax? Osborne says it was printed in copies of the budget that were only available to Labour politicians, but the MSM have been talking to the Left and saying what a load of bollocks the allegation is! Cable says the Tories are adding 2+2 and making 5, but also says that Labour have questions to answer. He can't have it both ways although that's exactly what he has been doing for far too long - his cover is blown - he ain't no financial genius either!!

  2. The latest I read was that the Cons say the tax take of abt £160b is not completely accounted for by Labour's explanation of a natural rise due to increased economic growth & increased wages. Here's the latest article I read:link.
    Neil didn't give Cable an easy ride at all & it was quite uncomfortable at times. As for the Cons, they're getting it from LibDems and Labour at the moment so every little thing is being seized on.


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