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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Oh-Oh Here Comes Trouble

In mid-August I posted a link to an article about the name Mohammed becoming the most popular boys' name in four of Hollands largest cities.
'Previous government name counts which separated the different spellings, have avoided controversy by keeping the name of Islam's founder outside the Dutch top 20 of favourite names.' I wonder how this government decides the criteria for compiling favourite names?
Well, it seems our beloved government has indeed been doing the same thing.

In reality, the third most popular choice for boys born last year in England and Wales was not Thomas, but Mohammed.

The ONS says it had no intent to deceive. Its normal practice is to catalogue different spellings separately, as in Mohammed, Muhammed and so on, as had previously been done in Holland.  But if you add these variants together then Mohammed is right up there, near the top of the list. The ONS's hit parade of children's names, as released for publication, seemed designed to mask a simple truth which dismays millions of people, and which politicians and bureaucracies go to great lengths to bury: the Muslim population of Britain is growing extraordinarily fast.

If the Great & the Good poked their heads around the corner to see the world the rest of us live in, they'd know that we've seen through their manipulation of statistics for a long time.

"Orf with their heads" or, at the very least, can we have some of this:


  1. I can't find the stats but surely if the followers of one minority religion are going to name every male the same name then it's going to be popular with 2-3 million people

    Meanwhile if everyone else strives to be different and chooses out of just 20 names then you've already got 3 million to a name

    It's the equivalent of all christians starting to name their kids jesus

  2. Now, there's a thought! Latin-American countries have made a good start. But it's not only that - it's the way the information is compiled to present the picture they want. The article goes on to discuss other issues where we don't get the full picture because of the way information is skewed. We're told what they want us to know and nothing more.


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