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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Scotland Fined

That was a quick investigation!   The Attorney-General, Baroness Scotland, has reportedly 'accepted' a £5,000 fine for employing an illegal immigrant.

Section 8, Asylum & Immigration Act
The employer is required to check and copy "certain original documents" from the employee.  However, Sky sources say Lady Scotland did not take copies of the documents shown to her by her Tongan housekeeper
It's being called 'a technical breach of employment laws' and she doesn't think it's a resigning matter. Insulting our intelligence.

However, the Home Office, which takes in the UKBA, dismissed the reports as 'pure speculation'.  From the Daily Mail:
Privately, Lady Scotland's colleagues had conceded she would have to leave her post if the Border Agency found she had failed in any of her obligations as an employer.
It looks as though her colleagues were seriously misguided if they ever thought she would resign.


  1. Another glorious day for democracy in New Labours Utopian Socialist paradise. Don't worry though, as they've proven time and time again, they're all above the law themselves, they wouldn't have it any other way, and know how to Cattle Prod cattle prod the rest of us into conforming to their politically correct ideals.

  2. People must be waking up to it by now, surely? By the time of the GE they should be voting with eyes wide open. Thanks for the video link - I've got that particular one somewhere on the blog. It's a demonstration of power used gratuitously, just because they could.

  3. It is not a technical offence. This woman made the offence of not keeping copies of the documentation an ABSOLUTE offence where you are quilty unless you prove your innocence.

    Very rare until Labour came along.

    She made it like that.

    It was made like that so the UKBA could find people guilty easier.

    For her to claim her mistake was a "technically" is in the circumstances an outrage

  4. Well said Marcellus. The general consensus seems to be that she has no option but to resign but, as we know, this govt doesn't do resignations.


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