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Friday, 11 September 2009

Sorry, But... Just Foad

Navin Shah in Harrow has got it all wrong, as have BBC and Sky. Today is the first time I've heard Stop Islamification of Europe (SIOE) mentioned in mainstream media.

It seems to me that these 'skirmishes', to quote Sky, are being played up to be more than they are. Everyone has an agenda and Harrow Council in the name of their Leader (and Portfolio Holder for Strategy Finance) David Ashton, are no different. Congrats on grabbing the headlines!

Notable quotes: 'The protestors, genuine or otherwise'; 'Just come along for the trouble'; ' There were about 16 of them [EDL]'; 'The Police line has thinned out dramatically, perhaps in the hope that the many of the young Muslim men will go home.'

So, who caused the trouble and necessitated the police presence & tv cameras? EDL/BNP/UAF or media hype?


  1. Who knows? but what is almost certain is that there'll be more.

  2. The Home Office had been "expecting" a summer of unrest - which did not materialise.

    Maybe they wanted unrest as an excuse to bring in more of their draconian measures? Peter Hitchins says in The Broken Compass that Westminster Village MPs and journos are thick as thieves as a rule, rather than exception.

    Or are all these new aggravations just media hype?

  3. An "Autumn of Disgruntlement" in the offing?

  4. Who are S.I.O.E.? Read for youself They're more of a European organisation, that, in the past Year or two, has gained a British wing.

  5. By the way, media hype or otherwise, Guess whose fingerprints are All Over This yet again?


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