"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Sunday Round-Up

Oh b@ggery! What's the point if the mandarins driving the policies are jumping ship as well? *Un-named Darling aide quits for Osborne's office*

Giving the lie to their claim to be troughing-free:How to exploit expenses the LibDem way

Hard times in Labour's Britain: Some Brits resort to selling their kidneys

Disgraced Patricia Scotland still in office: The 10-minute interview, a forged visa and complaints to the Bar Standard Board

Drivers see their car info flashed up as it emerges the DVLA sold drivers' details for high-tech advertising campaign.

More from Major-General Andrew Mackay but no mention of the looming Army re-structuring that will see his post abolished: Asked by No.10 to delay an operation & spare potential embarrassment to the Brown, who was due to visit Afghanistan, if things went wrong.

Luvvies sign up to cut emissions but still have nowhere near the number of signatories as the petition calling on Brown to resign.

Petty politics - show me the copyright: BNP accused of 'hijacking' national symbols.

Opik's Uncle Oskar bites LibDems on the bum in sneaky rear attack.


  1. I'd be a tad wary of having an ex-Treasury bod work for me, if I were Osborne, unless he was indeed the Treasury mole. If he wasn't, then he might well be a mole for Labour, for all its posturing!

    One has to wonder why Baroness Scotland reneged on her agreement to provide Tapui-Zivancevic with a contract of employment. Could it be that she knew the Tongan was working in Britain illegally?

  2. Fausty, I'm amazed at you ;) Even I didn't think of the mole double-dealing but you're right - in the current political climate I wouldn't put anything past them. For the moment though I'll trust Osborne's judgement and keep an eye on him.

    A Tongan willing to work as a housekeeper to an Attorney-General for £6 an hour in London has to raise questions - £10-12 ph at least if you're paying NI and taxes.

    For me the one which raised my eyebrows was the DVLA story. For drivers to have their info and tailored advice regarding their cars flashed up at garages is going into a realm of a fantasy we don't want.

  3. Whatever happened to the data protection act? It beggars belief that a government would sell the data of citizens (given on pain of penalty) for money, which can work against the people.

    Unscrupulous b@stards.

  4. What is this about restructuring the Army?!

  5. Some sort of amalgamation, 13th, and top posts going - including Andrew Mackay's which is why, in some quarters, it's whispered that that's the real reason he quit now. Who knows? We never get to hear the truth anyway.

    Fausty - I'm with you all the way on that.

  6. I think it might be time we turned the guns the other way.

  7. Hmm I have now read up on this littel topic called Future Army Structure or FAS.


    It is currently under review but my guess is that it will be ditched under the coming Tory defence review. It seems that there are more pressing issues that restructuring the army like, say, winning a war. But that might just be a tiny detail. Whatever happens is that it will not come into force before the general election.

  8. No it won't and as you say a Conservative govt might have other ideas. I first read about it at Defence of the Realm:

    "...Army is in the process of rationalising the command structure and, in the not too distant future, MacKay's post is to disappear. With rumours of another job in the offing, at the age of 52, Mackay is making the break now, rather than wait until the market is flooded with a surge of redundant generals, with whom he would have to compete."


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